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10 Painful Places in the Body to get Tattooed

Tattoo in general is painful but having a tattoo in some specific places of your body is way more painful that the usual stuff. Yes, the usual stuff can be bearable but the body parts that I’m going to mention now are not for the faint at heart! So get yourself inked at your own discretion! Have a numb skin if you must.

Why Is It Painful To Have A Tattoo?

Well, the pain that you feel when getting one is just a natural reaction or defense mechanism of the body. Our body organs have special receptors that protect us from harm and maintain our well-being.

Our skin contains a lot of pain receptors and they are the ones in charge of telling the brain, “Hey! Something painful is happening in this spot bro!” Pain is our body’s way of protecting us from imminent harm.

For example, when somebody slaps the hell out of your face, your reaction would be to step back or fight back, right? When somebody slapped your face, the pain sensation was transferred from your skin, to your pain receptors, to your nerves, to your spinal cord, then to your brain. The brain will then interpret the pain; does it pose a threat to the safety of the entire body or is it just your girlfriend’s way of telling that you’re a jerk.

Then the brain will send a message to you. Yes, to you! It will send a signal from itself, to the spinal cord, to the nerves, to the pain receptors, then back to the skin. The brain will let you feel PAIN to tell you, “Yes Jack! That slap was very painful and you have been such a jerk to Rose!”

The same thing happens when you get a tattoo. Basically, you’re hiring the tattoo artist to create a wound on your skin but the wound is going to look awesome (that is if you hired the right one). But there are some body parts that have a thinner layer of skin but contain a super handful of nerves or pain receptors.

You are going to love what a numbing spray for tattoo or pain relieving ointment can do for you!

Tattoo Pain Is Oh So Super Real In These Body Parts!

Let’s start from top to bottom!

An interesting fact about having a head tattoo is that you can hear the entire process from start to finish! Why? It’s very close to your ear!

You might have noted that only a few part of the head are fleshy, like the cheeks, and most parts are just thin layers of skin, fat, muscles, and then your skull. Since the wound (aka tattoo) is pretty much just a few inches away from the master brain, he would normally react, “Hey Jack! If it’s not going to punch a hole in my skull, that’s fine but if not, get me away from this misery ASAP!”

If you’re a pain junkie, you’d still find that having a tattoo in your eyelid or lips is just way more painful that having it on your cheeks. Why? The layers of skin around those areas are pretty thin that you can even see the minute blood vessels when you look closely at them.

Just below it is the diaphragm, that big chunk of muscle that helps us inhale and exhale. So when the artist starts having you inked, your beloved brain is telling you, “Jack, underneath that is a muscle that helps keep you alive! Please do me a favor and get lost, will ‘ya?”

Rib Cage & Stomach
The rib cage, just like the head, has a thin layer of skin, fat, and muscles (unless you are chunkier in the boob area Jack) while the stomach is more vulnerable because it doesn’t have a group of bones covering it.

Just try bumping your elbow hard on a table or door and you’ll understand why it is very painful to have it inked.

A lot of people have joined the bandwagon for trendy hand tattoos. Oh well, try having it on your palm. It has no hair and very sensitive even to touch. How much more if you are going to tread a needle on it again and again? Get the picture?

Your glamorous bum may look beautiful with a painting of Michelangelo on it but I’m pretty sure the entire process was very uncomfortable.

“For butt’s sake, I mean, God’s sake! Give it a break, will ‘ya Jack?” Love, your brain.

Knee & Inner Thigh
If you’re going to mess with the femoral cutaneous and femoral nerve of the thigh, expect the worst feeling my friend. Although the knee itself doesn’t have a nerve, the connective tissues and bones surrounding it do have nerves.

Ankles are bony and filled with nerves. Hit any one of them and you’re sure to feel pain that’s going to affect your sense of motion and balance!

Just like the hands, the feet are also bony and it carries our entire body’s weight. Not to mention that every major nerve on our body ends at the extremities.

How to Lessen Tattoo Pain

If you really want to be a living canvass to a masterpiece, then by all means, go ahead! But if you want to experience less pain, try to use a tattoo anesthetic.

Tattoo pain products are specially-formulated with lidocaine to decrease the sensation of pain on a specific part of the body. When applied directly to skin, the action can be felt almost immediately.

Numbing Gel
Numbing gel is best used when applied an hour before the needle touches the skin. Lidocaine is dispersed to the skin through a jellylike substance. Its tattoo anesthetic effect can last for about 2 hours or more!

Numbing Spray for Tattoo
Numbing spray for tattoo works just like a numbing gel. The only difference is lidocaine is dispersed through mists or droplets. It is best used in conjunction with the gel in keeping the numb skin.

Pain Relieving Ointment
Even when the session is over, pain will still be present. Since there’s a wound, the likelihood of having an infection is imminent too, unless you know how to properly take care of it.

Pain relieving ointment is a great remedy to keep your tattoo free from infection. It is also a tattoo anesthetic that help keeps the numb skin.