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4 Simple Steps to Find the Best Tattoo For You

So, you’re taking some time to contemplate about getting your very first tattoo. You may be very excited because there are countless amounts of unique ideas you can think of. Perhaps you might want to have a tattoo that will showcase your ancestry, or a tattoo featuring your love for your religion, or a wicked tattoo of an inspiring quote with foreign characters on it.

“Perhaps I’ll just start with a small tattoo on my foot so that my parents won’t notice it. Besides, having a tattoo doesn’t come cheap.”

“Is tattoo pain bearable or do I have to make use of topical anesthesia?”

Tattoo artists from all over the world hear this kind of dialogue and you know what? I have a secret to tell!
This is actually a not the best process to undergo when you’re about to grab your very first tattoo. But don’t fret because whether this is your first time to have one or you’re about to have your 3rd tattoo on, we’ll show you the 4 simple steps on how to find the best tattoo just for you.

Be Familiar with the Tattoo Artist

This is a major aspect that you should tackle first, aside from asking him or her which topical spray anesthetic works best in their opinion. Before choosing which artist you think is best for you, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you familiar with some of his work?
  • Do you prefer his/her style?

On the hunt for the best tattoo artists, it would be best to look at some of their previous works. If it is not available online, you can always visit the tattoo shop and view their portfolios.

Make sure that the quality of their work is up to par with your personal standards and their style is the style that you want. If you couldn’t find any photos done in the style you prefer, just move along.

There are a lot of tattoo artists and tattoo shops to choose from and I am pretty sure that you’ll be able to find the best out of the bunch.

Keep It Simple

For starters, keeping it basic might be the best decision you’ll ever make. But if you’re keen on having a complicated design worked on your entire arm, make sure you inform the tattoo artists with the general concepts and specific details. However, be prepared that what you want may not be exactly what you get.

It will certainly help if you’ll bring photos from books, magazines, or the internet as a reference material that the artist will work on. But bear in mind that artists have their own creative juices and the tattoo may not look exactly what you have pictured in your mind.

Have a Conversation with The Tattoo Artist

For a work of art to flourish, you need to have a conversation with the artist so that ideas will flow through both of you. Always keep in mind that when you are in a professional studio, the tattoo artist will always be knowledgeable than you. He or she will know what will look great and what will look mediocre.

As much as you enjoy sharing your ideas, also listen to what they have to say. If your idea has too many elements, you may want to consider taking out some of it and have it as separate tattoos.

If you have many ideas packed in a certain area of your body, be prepared to have it larger than what you have initially imagined. After all, you’re asking the artist to work on so much detail on such a packed area. This will always go back to the skill of the artist; if he or she can work skillfully on a small tattoo or not.

As much as you want to stay on control all the time, now is the time to leave that attitude temporarily. Artists work best when you give them the freedom to work on something the way they want it done. Otherwise, the heart and soul of a certain art will be absent if they find you too constricting.

Give Your Tattoo Artist the Creative Freedom

Aside from telling your artist your preferred design, don’t forget to tell him your budget.

Tattoos don’t come cheap. If it does, it probably looks hideous or mediocre and we don’t want that kind of ink sticking on our arms, don’t we?

You probably might want to ask how much it cost you to include a pain relieving cream or a topical anesthetic gel during the session so that you will always stay on budget.

Once every detail has been tackled, let the artist work his magic. It may not take a long time but sometimes, his creativity might ask for you to be more patient because your artist would want to work on it slowly but surely because it isn’t fun having that tattoo removal cream applied on, right?

It may probably take you only a few days or weeks to finish all four steps as a preparation but it will take you longer to secure an appointment with your preferred artist. If you are really excited to have a numb skin tattoo at the soonest possible time, give yourself a favor. Take our suggestions into consideration and may you have a speedy tattoo aftercare and healing time possible!