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Hush Pro-Team Artist Spotlight: Jon Mesa



Coffee or Tea: Definitely a coffee guy!

If you could take a vacation anywhere right now where would it be? Thailand. I like Thailand. I’ve been there before and I’d love to go back.

Favorite kind of food: Awwww man, I would say my moms. She makes the most amazing ribs!

How does it feel to have No Idols reach it’s first year anniversary? It feels great! It’s a huge relief and I am really happy about it!



X-Ray vision or bionic hearing? Oooooooh well definitely X-Ray vision. Mainly for all the naked people.

When did you get started in the industry? 2007. Been doing it! Just hit the ten year mark.

Piece you are most proud of: This guy’s piece that I’ve been working on here (Empire State Tattoo Expo). It’s probably the biggest project ever. So far I’ve done around 80 hours and I’d say there are still a few sessions to go. We started with his calf and when I suggested his full side he said, “sure why not?”



How do you unwind after a long day of work? Smoke… A LOT.

What is your favorite HUSH product? For sure the HUSH gel! It’s personally saved me from a lot of pain. I recommend it to everyone!



Interested in a piece by Jon? Reach him by clicking here.