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Tattoo Pain Relief Products That Will Ease Out Your Tattoo Experience

Is it really true that when there’s no pain, there’s no gain? This maxim is not necessarily true all the time because I believe that painless tattoo can make our experience more enjoyable and bearable.

Now that you’ve finally decided to have your first tattoo or add more to your current collection, I bet the pain of having one has crept into your mind every once in a while. For newbies, anticipation of pain might be an agony while for those who have already experienced having a tattoo, pain might be something they’re craving or excited about.

But let’s face it. Pain, for majority of us, is never a pleasant experience. We would go to great lengths just to avoid it.

So, how can we manage to minimize the pain during a tattoo session? Tattoo pain relief products or topical anesthesia are here to save the day!

Pain Relieving Cream

Creams are medical concoctions that are naturally semi-solid. When applied to the skin, it is absorbed by the skin then it makes it numb by blocking the sensation from the pain receptors.

Pain relieving cream, once applied, will enable you to experience a painless tattoo. Another option for cream is anesthetic numbing spray where anesthetics are dispersed to the skin through mists or tiny drops.

Pain Relieving Gel

It is also considered as anesthetic gel for skin just like the pain relieving cream. Unlike the cream, the pain relieving gel diffuses its numbing features to our skin via a jellylike material.

Gels are advised to be applied to skin and hour prior to needle contact in order to penetrate deep into the pain receptors. Once the gel has blocked the sensation of pain, its efficacy can last for about 2 hours even without further application. It can also keep the skin from developing any signs of irritation or redness.

Pain relieving gel indeed is a special formulation that might be heaven-sent!

Pain Relieving Ointment

Skin numbing cream works similarly with pain relieving ointment. The difference lies mainly at the fact that ointments are mostly applied to the skin during tattoo aftercare.

The great thing about pain relieving ointment is that it helps hasten the recovery process and keeps the skin from being infected. It will also provide a cool and calming effect once it is applied to the skin.

Tattoo pain relief products that are available in the market today are quite numerous and you might find it difficult to choose which ones will work best for you. I would suggest that you should consult with your dermatologist if you have a highly-sensitive skin.

Ask your tattoo artist on what products he normally use and did he ever had a client who experienced allergic reactions to it.

You can even conduct a poll with all your tattooed friends on what tattoo pain relief products they love the best!

Just ask. It wouldn’t hurt if you’ll do. After all, a painless way might be the best way!