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Who said tattoos were fast?

30 hours may seem like a lot. But when it comes to getting a beautiful tattoo, Kavan definitely thinks it’s worth it. Kavan’s first appointment with Fame was on March 16th. Fast-forward several months later he is having one of his final sessions.

“It’s been a big collaborative effort,” Kavan says of the intricate Egyptian-themed sleeve. “I’ve been visiting Fame in his shop in Orlando…I’ve made the trip here to New York so that I can possibly have this sleeve finished. It’s taken about a year to get it done so I am looking forward to that.”
The eye in the piece is indicative of the eye of Ra which perfectly ties into the theme. Kavan says it was meant to be much smaller, but he trusted Fame to change the scale of the piece.
“When I came in the idea I had was of a small eye,” Kavan says as he point to the eye on his arm. “Fame was like, no no it’s going to be this big and I just said ok!”
Kavan tells us that he just told Fame he wanted something surrounding Egyptian culture which he is fascinated by and Fame took that idea and ran with it. The result is a beautiful sleeve that highlights Fame’s skills through a wonderful mastery of chiaroscuro.
Besides the sleeve by Fame, Kavan has nine other tattoos but he tells us none of them compare to this.
All aspects were added to the sleeve for a reason and they all tie in the original theme. The moon guided the Egyptians building the pyramids in ancient Egypt, and Anubis is the God of Afterlife. Looking at his piece you’ll find something new each time. So far it has been about 30 hours of work. Yet, Kavan and Fame may need a couple more sessions to put the finishing touches on the piece.
“People that walk by me on the street stop me and tell me my arm is a work of art, and I am proud of that.”