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Is Tattoo Removal Cream The Best Option Out There?

So you got yourself inked. You gathered all you might to make it through the painful session with the help of a numbing cream.

Some things change in the course of time. You used to love your tattoo but because of unforeseen or unexpected life events, you opt to have it removed.

Maybe you have broken up with your partner. Maybe the tattoo did not look as beautiful as you have expected. Maybe your tattoo design has fallen out of fashion or maybe, you just want to have a new one!

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Whatever your reason is, you have the right to have your tattoo removed. After all, all you want is some peace of mind and the will to move on, right?

Luckily, you don’t have to live with tattoo regret for long.

What is a tattoo removal cream?

It is a substance that removes pigmentation brought about by tattoo.

How do these creams work?

Some of it is injected to the skin. After injection, the cream begins to bond with the pigments and soften it. The cream then pushes the pigment to the skin surface by forming a scab which would then fall off for about 6 to eight weeks.

You can somehow say that it works like numbing gel for tattoos because it is less painful than the tattoo session itself and less painful as compared to having a laser treatment.

Some creams work by using one of our body’s natural defenses, the macrophages.

Macrophages are white blood cells that eat the ink found on the skin. They do this to protect the nearby tissue from foreign substances, which in this case is the tattoo ink.

The macrophages eventually die and are replaced by new ones. When the old macrophages die, tattoo color begins to fade.

Another type of macrophages carries the ink with them to the lymph nodes. This is the type of macrophages that is used with the cream that was developed by Alec Falkenham. The cream uses the body’s immune system to hasten the fading process.

Why choose tattoo removal cream?

The great thing about these creams is you won’t experience the pain, the scarring, and blisters brought about by laser tattoo removal. Yes, it works like a topical anesthetic and it has anti-inflammatory properties too!

If you experienced a painless tattoo when you had that skull done on your arm, then having it removed would be a much better experience with the removal cream.

Is a tattoo removal cream really the best option?

If you’ll ask me personally, my answer is yes but for your sake, I have made a table for your reference.

Laser Tattoo Removal PROS CONS
Pre-tattoo removal phase topical anesthetic spray or injection will be applied to numb the area or depending on your pain tolerance
Length of procedure Lasts for only a few minutes (depending on the size of the tattoo)
The procedure itself Each laser pulse may feel like a rubber band has been snapped on your skin.
Number of procedures to undergo Since tattoo does not disappear in 1 session only, you have to go back for another session until pigment is minimal or completely gone.
Side Effects scarring, skin infection, skin discoloration (hyper or hypopigmentation), swelling, blistering, bleeding
Professional Help You need to find a reputable doctor (cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist) to handle the procedure.
Price One session may cost you around $75 – $ 500 (depending on the size of your tattoo and expertise of the doctor who will serve you).
Insurance Most insurance providers will not cover the process unless it is deemed as medical necessity.
Post-tattoo removal phase Ice pack may be used to soothe Antibiotic creams or ointments
Tattoo Removal Cream PROS CONS
Pre-tattoo removal phase Some creams require the product to be injected to the skin.
Length of procedure Application of cream will last for only a few minutes. You may have to apply the cream for as long as 90 days or more to see the desired effect.
Number of procedures to undergo Since tattoo does not disappear in 1 application only, you have to apply the cream until pigment is minimal or completely gone or as prescribed by the doctor.
Side Effects Minimal scarring, possible allergic reaction to ingredients found on the cream
Professional Help You may have to consult with your doctor to know which cream would work best for you.
Price One bottle may cost around $50 or more.
Insurance Not applicable
Post-tattoo removal phase Minimal as compared to laser tattoo removal Care still has to be done to avoid infection. You can apply your tattoo aftercare routine too.

Whether you choose the laser tattoo removal or tattoo removal cream, make sure it is within your budget, it is painless, and it keeps you from seeing your hideous tattoo at the soonest possible time!