Tattoo Aftercare that’s easy as 1,2,3…

Tattoo Aftercare that’s easy as 1,2,3…

Jun 25, 2017 | Arleys Resco

There are many rules to the care of freshly tattooed skin. So many that it may be hard to absorb all the information your tattoo artist gives you before you walk out of the shop. A new tattoo is similar to a fresh wound, and it should be treated and cared for as such. We’ve compiled and simplified some of the most important Tattoo Aftercare rules for your convenience. If you follow these steps you'll have an amazing healed piece before you know it!

SANITIZE ALWAYS! During the healing process, you will find that it is incredibly important to keep the area clean and covered. This is done to avoid having any bacteria in contact with your broken skin. Bandages and wraps should be replaced if necessary but the initial bandage applied by the artists should be kept for 4-6 hours after the work is done. We recommend using HUSH CBD Foam Soap in order to keep the area sanitized. DO NOT SCRATCH AN ITCH! When tattoos heal scabs may appear on the skin but it is incredibly important to remember that scratching the area can introduce unwanted bacteria. AVOID THE BEACH AND THE POOL AT ALL COSTS!

Hush Gel in the sun

This is one very important rule your tattoo artist may mention that you should never forget. Not only should you avoid sunlight, but also soaking the tattoo while it's fresh. Sunlight may affect the colors of the tattoo and cause blisters while soaking your tattoo in water can also damage the appearance of the piece and introduce bacteria. Once fully healed SPF should be an important part of your routine. NO TIGHT CLOTHING The tighter the clothing the less oxygen will reach your tattoo during its healing process. Tight clothing may also cause an unpleasant situation that can cause damage to the skin. NO WORKING OUT Working out after a tattoo increases the movement of your skin and this can cause damage to your tattoo so working out should be avoided during the healing process. Save that workout for another day or you may regret it. Everyone has their own unique healing process when it comes to tattoos, but it is important that we all look out for our skin. Taking some of these tattoo aftercare steps will ensure a quick and healthy healing process. You’ll have a beautifully healed tattoo before you know it!

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