Our Favorite Celebrity Tattoos + Ideas

Our Favorite Celebrity Tattoos + Ideas

Jan 29, 2024 | Bridget Reed

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Celebrity tattoos are kind of a big deal. Whenever we spot a new tattoo on the red carpet, we stop and take a second look. 

Whether it’s small tattoos on celebs who are first-timers or new ink in an impressive collection, it’s always interesting to see the kind of body art that famous people choose to adorn themselves with.

1. Travis Barker

Travis Barker is a tattoo king. His neck tattoo is visible above his collar, but when he’s drumming for pop rock band Blink 182, he often goes shirtless. Barker is adorned with body art all the way down to the bottom of his ribcage. 

After suffering severe burns in a plane crash, Barker made the best of the situation by reimagining his back tattoo. His back is now a collage of portrait tattoos of his family, which is a sweet way to take them with him wherever he goes. 

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to tattoos. At one point, she and Pete Davidson shared matching tattoos based on an inside joke from an SNL skit where she played a baby rapper. 

What we love most about Miley’s tattoos is that they’re so full of heart. She treats her body art as a scrapbook for experiences she’s shared and memories she’s made. They’re truly personal for her. 

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s tattoos are small and dainty, but they’re all packed with meaning. She has the word “rare” in cursive script on the side of her neck to commemorate her solo album. 

The numerals on the back of her neck have recently been accompanied by a giant pastel watercolor rose tattoo, which is her breathtaking showstopper piece. 

4. Cara Delevingne 

Cara Delevigne has an impressive tattoo collection of nearly two dozen pieces, most of which she attributes to New York-based celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy (AKA @bangbangnyc on Instagram), who proudly shares his celebrity work on his Instagram stories. 

Although Bang Bang’s work is undeniably amazing, our favorite of Cara’s tattoos is a coat of arms she got to represent her family by tattoo artist Dr. Woo. We’re also loving the sweet sentiment of her mother’s name tattooed on her bicep. 

5. Rihanna

Rihanna started slow, but over time, she amassed quite an impressive tattoo collection. What started as simple Arabic script on her ribcage and dainty stars on the back of her neck evolved into much larger and less discrete tattoos. She’s no stranger to the hand tattoo, tucking cursive script words between her fingers.

6. David Beckham

Beckham has developed a reputation as a tattooed bad boy. While he may be a perfectly nice guy, he’s certainly festooned with tattoos in several art styles

There’s hardly a blank space on the soccer player’s body aside from his face. Rather than a face tattoo, Beckham’s latest tattoo is a head tattoo of a simple solar system. Its elegance makes it one of our favorites in his massive collection.

7. Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber entered his marriage to Hailey Bieber with numerous tattoos in tow, and he seems to be drawing her into the world of body art. This tattooed couple commemorated their marriage with wedding ring tattoos. 

Hailey sports a simple “J” (for Justin) with a starburst on her finger. The couple share several matching tattoos in honor of causes they both support and shared values they hold.

8. Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber has over 20 tattoos, but you wouldn’t know at first glance. We’re impressed with Kaia’s tasteful fine-line tattoos dispersed evenly throughout her body in discrete places. 

Her dainty, thoughtful, and elegant tattoos represent milestones in her life and spiritual beliefs like numerology.

9. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner likes to pay homage to her favorite roles with tattoos based on the source material. The Game of Thrones alum has a direwolf tattoo on her elbow and an X-Men logo tattoo on her side. 

She also has matching tattoos with ex-beau Joe Jonas, but that’s what coverup tattoos are for. Maybe she’ll swap it out for a commemorative tattoo for her next big film or TV role.

10. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid keeps it classy with her tattoos. Her first tattoo was a broken heart on the inside of her finger, a design she shared with Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne. 

Her second noticeable tattoo was her daughter’s name on her inner arm, a design she shares with her daughter’s father, Zayn Malik. We love Gigi’s classy, subtle approach to body art. We like to think she has a few more tiny tattoos hiding in plain sight.

Celebs We Can Learn From

Pete Davidson got a bunch of tattoos he really regretted. He was a lot more interested in filling up every square inch of skin than choosing tattoos he would love for a long time. 

Pete took the plunge and began the long, arduous, and painful process of tattoo removal. We hope he’s using HUSH tattoo numbing cream to make the removal sessions a lot less intense.

Ariana Grande gets an honorable mention for committing a major tattoo faux pas—she got a tattoo in a foreign language without running the translation by a native English speaker. Her tattoo was intended to say Seven Rings in Japanese, commemorating the release of her album. 

Instead, it reads “Japanese barbecue finger.” To say she missed the mark would be a pretty big understatement. 

Ideas About Celeb Tattoos + Starting Your Own Tattoo Collection


You should never get a tattoo just because it looks good on a celebrity you like. Tattoos are a deeply personal choice, and you’re the one that has to live with them forever. 

The main message to be gained from tattooed celebrities is that it’s absolutely possible to have a bunch of tattoos and go on to work a successful career, which is something that was treated as taboo a few decades ago. 

When you’re ready to build your own collection of tattoos, HUSH can make it easier. Our tattoo aftercare kit contains everything you need for a smooth, pain-free healing process. Numb up before you go to make your dainty, elegant, celeb-worthy tattoo virtually painless.


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