How to Choose the Right Tattoo Pain Relieving Cream?

How to Choose the Right Tattoo Pain Relieving Cream?

Nov 15, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

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If you have been seriously considering getting a tattoo in some part of your body, you have also probably thought about getting an anesthetic spray to help manage the pain. While some parts of the body are certainly more painful to put a tattoo on, having yourself inked in general is just painful and may even be unbearable to some.

There may be a lot of options for a numbing cream for tattoos in the market but the tricky part is finding the one that is truly best for you. Here are our recommendations on how to come up with the right decision before you purchase:

Go for a non-greasy product

Creams can be icky stuff to use, whether they are to help manage tattoo pain or not. Because of their greasy nature, it could mean that the tattoo application process will not go as planned. Going for a non-greasy, non-oily product will help make sure that the tattoo will properly adhere to the skin. It will also not get distorted because of the gel.

Take a look at the ingredients

When it comes to anything and everything we drink, eat or apply to our body, it is important that we know their ingredients. Look through the product’s ingredient list and make sure that it does not contain ingredients not necessary or are considered harmful to the body. If you are looking for a truly effective topical anesthetic gel, make sure that it contains lidocaine. The FDA recommends using only products with 5% lidocaine to make it truly effective. Hush Gel, for example, contains only 4%, which is a percentage lower than the maximum limit.

Ensure that there are no side effects

No matter what you apply on your skin, make sure that it does not create any adverse side effects. Some products would cause allergic reactions, rashes, inflammation or even skin irritation. You certainly do not want to deal with this especially if it will affect your tattoo aftercare routine.

Buy one that’s right for your budget

Obviously, budget is a huge consideration when it comes to choosing any product. Yes, you would want to use only high quality products but you also want to make sure that it will not burn a big hole in your pocket. Go for one that comes with a reasonable price – quality and ingredients considered – and that it is readily available as well.

Opt for one recommended by professionals

Many of us only go for products that are being recommended by professionals. There are plenty of pain relieving creams to choose that are highly praised by tattoo artists, dermatologists, skin experts and other medical professionals. Of course, it also helps if you read through customer reviews to check out what experiences other people have had when using the product. Don’t buy the first thing that you see in the market. Instead, be wise and shop around. List down your choices and narrow them down based on the recommendations we have listed above.

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