The Best Anesthetic for a Painless Tattoo

The Best Anesthetic for a Painless Tattoo

Dec 15, 2015 | Arleys Resco

Tatu Panda tattoo on Lil Pump

Tattoo by @tatu_panda

Tattoos have been around centuries. In ancient cultures, it was practiced in relation to religious rituals or wars. Today, most people wear tattoos to adorn their bodies and express themselves. Though tattoos look great, we all associate tattoos with discomfort and pain. Thanks to modern times and topical anesthetics, discomfort and pain are a thing of the past. But in a sea of tattoo anesthetics, how do we choose the best one?

Why use a topical anesthetic?

It's conveniency and availability online and in stores make it an easy sell. Its affordable rates are within the pocket-friendly range and you don't to be a rocket scientist to figure out how it can be used. It's that easy!

Types of anesthetics

  • Gel First, this jellylike substance is effective in making the skin numb before the tattoo session. Its effectiveness to penetrate deep into the pain reception of our skin, makes this anesthetic lasts for hours.
  • Spray Next, this anesthetic introduces the numbing effects of lidocaine through tiny mists or drops. The spray works almost immediately upon contact with skin, making it a perfect companion for gels in keeping the numbing sensation present even after 2 hours.
  • Soap Lastly, tattoo aftercare is just as important as the preparation process. This anesthetic keep the affected area from getting infected and helps hasten wound healing.

Tatu Panda tattoo on Lil Pump

Choosing the best tattoo anesthetic

Choosing the right product is always up to you. But, here are some key items to consider when shopping around:

  • Effectiveness and safety: is this product advised by a doctor or professional?
  • Availability: can you purchase the product online or in a store near you?
  • Affordability: self explanatory here.
  • Conveniency: is the product easy to apply?

Finally, topical anesthetics will help the tattoo process before during and after your session is over, making this an overall more enjoyable experience.

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