Halloween Style Tattoos

Halloween Style Tattoos

Oct 18, 2021 | brookline agency

Do you love Halloween? Love it so much you’re thinking about getting a Halloween style tattoo? We totally understand. If you’re the kind of person who feels a rush of sadness when the Halloween decorations come down, you need a Halloween style tattoo. Here are some of our favorite Halloween style tattoos:

Skulls & Skeletons

There are plenty of popular tattoos depicting bones that don’t necessarily center around Halloween. In the 1960s especially, skull and crossbone tattoos were one of the top designs.

Today, we still see people requesting tattoos that incorporate skulls, regardless of any association with Halloween. For those looking specifically for Halloween style tattoos, a skull or full skeleton can start as a basic design idea, but is one that the right artist can truly customize.


Jack-o-lanterns are one of the most popular Halloween style tattoos. Ranging from adorable to terrifying, these carved pumpkins can reflect any mood you want—super realistic, cartoonish, abstract, etc. Pumpkins can also easily be embellished with candles, vines, or intricate shadowing.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? It’s the best movie because it doesn’t fit into any boxes and that’s why we love it! Look no further for Halloween style tattoo inspiration than Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. From Jack Skellington to Halloween Town itself, this animated film’s style is a favorite among Halloween style tattoo collectors that can be appreciated all year.

Animal Inspiration

If you’re looking for an animal tattoo, bats are a top choice, as are black cats. Both animals can be inked as basic shapes, or can be substantially expanded to give you creepy, cute, or anything in between.

Another popular animal for Halloween tattoos is the spider. A spider and spider web design is easily done in black, or can incorporate color if you want.

Color Choices

Halloween style tattoos are often done in shades of black, as well as orange. Even without a Halloween design, this color combination says “Halloween” at a single glance. While most Halloween tattoos primarily stick with orange and black, we’ve seen some great Halloween style tattoos that use a wide range of colors as well.

Classic Characters

If you’re looking for a tattoo with one of the classic Halloween characters, witches are a great choice. Witches can be cute and sweet, or scary and mean. They can be beautiful or ugly, young or old, and really give you a lot of flexibility to make design choices. Ghosts are another frequently used Halloween character. Don’t let anyone tell you Halloween is just for October. If you’re a super-fan, we fully support you getting the Halloween style tattoo that feels right. And if you’re worried about being uncomfortable during your tattoo session(s), check out HUSH’s tattoo numbing products.We have an incredibly effective tattoo numbing gel that you can apply before your session. Once it sinks in, you’ll get relief from the discomfort of the needle, as well as a reduction in redness and irritation. Also, check out our tattoo numbing spray which is great when you need quick relief during a tattoo session.To make sure your tattoo heals well, make sure to have CBD foaming soap ready for your first wash, and through your healing process. The soap is made especially for washing tattoos. It’s gentle but effective and washes away dried blood and bacteria that can lead to infection.

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