Hate Your Tattoo? That's Ok, It Doesn't Have To Last Forever

Hate Your Tattoo? That's Ok, It Doesn't Have To Last Forever

Mar 15, 2016 | Arleys Resco

A bad tattoo is like a heartache, heartache and an eye sore you definitely don't want to see forever, right? So, how can you solve the mess that is your tattoo? We have 6 suggestions that you can ponder on.

Cover It Up!

Don't fret. If the artist made a mistake of making a bad tattoo, you may want to ask the help of a properly-trained and licensed artist to cover it up for you. Ask them to dab some anesthetic gel unto your skin before they start. You don't want to make the same mistake of allowing the same tattoo artist to do the cover up for you because it might end up pretty worse than the first one. We don't want that to happen the second time around, do we?

Do Creams Really Work?

A lot of companies and products offer tattoo removal cream but most tattoo artist agree that using it does not simply work. Applying cream, allowing the skin to absorb its ingredients, and seeing it not working will just waste your time and your money too. But if you're really keen on trying it yourself before concluding that it doesn't work, feel free to do so however, you need to remember that in order for the cream to work, it needs to work on the deeper layers of the skin, the area where tattoo inked stays.

Peel It All Away!

Another option for you is chemical peel using trichloroacetic acid. How does it work? It eats away your flesh! It may sound scary but it does produce a visible result due to its action of removing layers of skin and skin cells. Discoloration can be noted too most of the time. You may want to take good care of your skin to help it heal faster, just like the way you applied tattoo aftercare on your freshly-inked skin.

Pump Up The Laser Light!

If you have enough pain tolerance and cash, then laser removal might be the best solution for you. On how easy it will remove your tattoo, it will depend highly on the details and dimensions of the design. Removing the tattoo may take more than one session to fully get rid of any trace of ink and each session may cost your pocket around $250. In general, laser removal is very painful and the doctor would have to apply numbing spray to help ease you through it but the price of having the tattoo totally or partially remove may just be worth it!

Perfect Combination?

If not all parts of the tattoo is bad, you may want to consider combining a cover up tattoo and laser removal. This technique requires your doctor or laser technician to work hand in hand with the experienced tattoo artist of your choice. A topical anesthetic would naturally come in handy with the combination procedure and you may end up wearing a then-disgusting tattoo into a work of art!

Cosmetic Surgery

If you want to go under the knife, skin grafting is another option for you. The doctor will take skin from the less-noticeable area of your body and replacing the skin from your poorly-drawn tattoo. This may leave scars but it is a considerable option for those who do not want to live the remainder of their lives seeing the mistake that was their tattoo. Pain relieving gel will be a handy companion after the surgery. Finally, whatever procedure may seem the best, make sure that it will ultimately give you the exact thing you want from qualified professionals and as cliché as it may sound, don’t settle for anything less.

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