Hush @ Rolling Loud!

Hush @ Rolling Loud!

Jun 03, 2018 | Romina Angelelli

Our Summer got off to an early start this year thanks to the madness that was Rolling Loud. We were honored to be a part of this year’s festival. We had an absolutely unreal experience backstage providing performing artists with complimentary tattoos on site.

Joined by a few members of our Hush Pro team we hosted an activation that was the first of its kind. In a sea of rappers and hip hop lovers, you could find us in our glowing cube. Full of balloons, artists (tattoo and music), and of course lots of Hush.

Surrounded by some of the greatest artists in rap music our HUSH Pro Team tattoo artists wowed with their work. Besides our alluring setup what really got the people to stick around and wait for the next available artist was their work.

Performing artists were able to pick from the Hush Pro Team artist cards which included several original tattoo ideas. We had a constant flow of traffic and if you weren’t sitting on an artists chair ready to get inked, you were hanging outside in our lounge area.

The truth is tattoos and music are a perfect combination, the creative juices are constantly flowing and there is an overwhelming amount of appreciation for the arts. Rolling Loud was the perfect environment to foster this creativity and have a one of a kind activation that all guests could enjoy. There was a constant showcase of talent and we can’t wait to be a part of this experience again.

Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at our Rolling Loud experience:

Till next year!

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