9 Classy Sister Tattoo Ideas

9 Classy Sister Tattoo Ideas

Jan 29, 2024 | Bridget Reed

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There’s an old adage that tattoos are permanent, but relationships are not. This isn’t the case with sister tattoos. You’ll be sisters until the end of time. Sure, you bicker sometimes, but the strength of sisterly love will always shine through. 

If you and your sisters have been together through all of life’s trials and tribulations, a tattoo can act as an artistic symbol of your eternal bond. Consider these classy sister tattoo ideas when you’re planning the ultimate tribute to each other.

Start by Talking It Out

There are a few ways to approach sister tattoos. Everyone can get the exact same tattoo, or you can start with the same idea, and each put your own flare on the design. 

What matters most is that you’re all in love with the core concept. Even the closest of sisters don’t agree on everything; be open to a little bit of individuality. Remember: a tattoo will last forever. It’s important that everyone loves the tattoo they get. 

1. A Bouquet of Birth Flowers

If you have more than one sister, consider a tattoo of a bouquet of your birth flowers. Each birth month is symbolically associated with a different variety of flowers. 

Most months have options that will give you a little bit of creative wiggle room. June is honeysuckle or rose, and November is chrysanthemum or peony.

2. Crystal Birthstones

Every birthstone is a different color. How about a dainty little collection of crystal shards in colors that represent each sister? 

They don’t necessarily need to be a traditional crystal shard shape. You can get crystal hearts or even delicately arranged crystalline triangles. If you’re a trio of sisters, a triangle can add even more symbolism, with one side representing each of you.

3. Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are versatile. You can go for something small and dainty with elegant black linework or incorporate them into a larger celestial piece. Each sister can be represented by her zodiac symbol or constellation shape in as quaint or extravagant a way as you choose. 

This is one of the most flexible sister tattoo ideas because it lends itself to so many artistic applications. 

4. Numerals

The simplest and most elegant way to express that you’re part of a set is numeral tattoos. Each sister can get the numeral that represents their birth order. 

The best part is that numerals technically go on forever. Every numeral will be different, and the idea works just as well for two sisters as it does for ten sisters. 

If you’re a group of scientific or mathematical systems, you can also use fractions to represent how you’re each part of a whole. Every sister is a fraction of the sisterhood you share.

5. A Shared Memory

Think back to your childhood. What was your favorite thing to do together? Did you like to get ice cream on the boardwalk? Did you play on a tire swing together? Did you sit together in a row, controllers in your hand, playing Nintendo 64 until the sun came up? 

Consider the most precious, defining moments you shared and design a tattoo that represents your favorite shared memory.

6. Pinkie Promise, Hand Holding, or Hug Tattoos

A dainty little heart or star on your pinkie, wrist, or shoulder can match up with an identical tattoo on your sister when you make a pinkie promise, hold hands, or hug each other. You can also choose tattoos that fit together, like half a heart or puzzle pieces. The philosophy behind the concept is simple: when you come together, you feel whole. 

7. Linework Representations of Each Other

Simple linework tattoos, like sophisticated stick figures, can be used to represent sisters. They’re much simpler (and a lot less expensive and painful) than detailed portrait tattoos

They’re also not as glaringly obvious as having a giant portrait of your sister on your bicep. Try a linework representation where you’re wearing dresses that are your favorite colors or patterns. Go for a bust silhouette that features each of your favorite flowers in your hair. 

Keep it even simpler with a linework hand that denotes your personality. Maybe one sister is always holding a cup of coffee, and one is known to hold a glass of wine. A hand holding a treasured object pays homage to your sister.

8. Bestowing an Element

Team up with your sister to decide on elements or forces of nature that perfectly embody your feelings for each other. Like the moon, you might feel like your sister is wise and bright. She might feel that you’re sharp and strong, like lightning. 

You can go old school and choose scientific alchemical symbols or use more straightforward representations. Choose elements or forces that represent each other. You’ll always carry your sister’s power with you everywhere you go. 

9. Birds or Feathers

The expression “birds of a feather flock together” can be used to represent a family. You and your sisters are birds of a feather, and together, you make up your family’s flock. 

Birds or feathers can be used to represent your relationship. A simple bird or feather linework piece can represent each sister or even each member of your entire family

Made a Decision? Prepare for Your Sister Tattoos!

Crystal Birthstones

It’s important to be sure that each sister is equally cool with the tattoo you’re going to get. If you have a sister known to put everyone else first, double-check with her. You want her to love it just as much as you do. 

Second, make sure everyone is going to be comfortable. If at least one of you isn’t really looking forward to the pain of a tattoo, HUSH tattoo numbing cream is a must-have. HUSH works to keep your soon-to-be-tattooed skin numb for up to two hours, which is way longer than you’ll need for a dainty, classy sister tattoo. 

Spend more time enjoying each other’s company and less time saying “OUCH!” with HUSH. 


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