Strong Tattoo Numbing Cream

Strong Tattoo Numbing Cream

Jan 07, 2021 | brookline agency

When you’re looking for strong tattoo numbing cream, it can be hard to know what to believe. How do you separate marketing hype from a company claiming to have strong tattoo numbing cream vs. the reality of a quality, lab-tested product? Understanding a little bit of the science behind numbing creams will certainly help you make an educated decision. First, a quick vocab lesson: A numbing cream is a type of local anesthetic. Local anesthesia means that only a small area will be numbed during the session. This type of anesthetic will not make you feel sleepy or groggy, unlike general anesthetic, which completely sedates (think major surgery), and regional anesthetic, which numbs a large part of your body by targeting a cluster of nerves. Only licensed medical professionals can administer general and regional anesthesia.

Active Ingredient in our Numbing Cream

The local anesthetic we use in HUSH tattoo numbing products is called lidocaine. Lidocaine is a very popular local anesthetic because of its ability to work quickly and effectively. Many dentists use lidocaine during dental procedures, typically applying the anesthetic via injection. Tattoos are way more fun.

How Lidocaine Work and Why it’s Effective

The reason why lidocaine makes HUSH work is super sciency and we’re happy to discuss at length if you want to reach out. The short version of this very technical answer, though, is that lidocaine blocks sodium ions from moving into nerve cells. These sodium ions basically send a message from the nerve to the brain relaying pain. When the brain receives this message, you ‘feel’ pain. Lidocaine intercepts most of that ‘pain’ signal before it reaches the brain.

How to Use Strong Tattoo Numbing Cream

In tattooing, lidocaine is applied directly onto the skin; this is known as a topical application of lidocaine. Our products—Hush Gel, Hush Spray, and Hush Crème—offer three ways to experience that numbing effect without compromising the body art. Apply to your skin 25-minutes before your session to allow active ingredients time to fully absorb.

Advantages of HUSH

Our strong tattoo numbing products allow you to have work done—like a tattoo or beauty procedure—with a substantial decrease in pain, and far less redness and irritation. A lot of clients tell us it allows them to withstand additional hours of tattoo time in a single session. The numbing sensation begins quickly and dissipates after a few hours. You can use our numbing products on virtually any area that is being tattooed. You should avoid getting the cream, or any lidocaine product, in your eyes, nose, or ears. We’re also proud to say that our products are never tested on animals, are vegan, and free from parabens. While other companies promise a strong numbing cream, HUSH truly delivers.

What you can Expect from a Strong Tattoo Numbing Cream

Even the strongest tattoo numbing creams will not give you complete loss of sensation. You may still feel the tattoo coming to life, but you can expect to be substantially more comfortable when you use HUSH products. Our loyal, repeat customers are a mix of tattoo clients—who love their tattooing experiences when they use HUSH numbing cream—and tattoo artists—who appreciate being able to work longer on a client and give them a much more comfortable experience. We offer a range of products including gel, spray, and crème. You can learn more about each of these products in our shop.

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