Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoo Ideas for Men

Mar 14, 2022 | Grow_SEO Account

Okay, first things first, it’s 2022—really any tattoo can work for anyone, but a lot of people are googling this question and we here at HUSH are here to serve and educate. So, what are some popular masculine tattoos that are worth taking to the drawing board? Let’s find out.

Choosing a Tattoo Artist Can Be a Good First Step

Choosing an artist can depend on a few things. Do you already have an idea of what you want your tattoo design to be and how you want it to look? Then you’ll want to look for an artist that fits the style you’re going for. If you want a traditional style, then find an artist that specializes in that. If you want something more contemporary or fine-line, you’ll need to find an artist who does those types of tattoos. Not sure what style you want? Take a look at our round-up of popular tattoo styles. If you don’t have a specific style you want but you have an idea, you should find an artist whose tattoos you love and bring them your general idea. They can make their own interpretation of whatever you want to get tattooed. Not sure what to get tattooed? No worries, we have you covered. Read on for the best tattoo ideas!

What Are Some Good, More Masculine Tattoo Ideas?

Not sure where to start when thinking of your next tattoo? We’ve compiled a list of possible tattoo ideas to get you inspired. From a meaningful tattoo to a portrait tattoo to a cool tattoo idea that you just want to have fun with, you have a lot of free-range. Just remember, all interpretations of symbolism come from many different cultures. You are free to have your tattoo symbolize whatever you want it to regardless of what anyone else thinks as long as you’re not disrespectful—we ain’t about that.

City Skyline

Did you grow up in the city? Or maybe you always visited a particular city? A city skyline tattoo can be made with one solid line, or designed to be more complex with detail and shading. You could also get the skyline of your hometown or a place you like to visit. This tattoo idea would work perfectly as a forearm tattoo, or placed on the upper arm. (Mountain peaks are just as cool, too, for our adventurers out there!)


You could be into astrological signs or an astronomy nerd. If you’re into astrology, there is a corresponding constellation to each sign. If you’re an astronomy nerd, chances are you already know which constellation you want to get as a tattoo. Pick out your favorite constellation and get it inked! A constellation tattoo could be a small tattoo idea that you turn into a simple design, or the beginnings of a full or half sleeve tattoo—it’s up to you, but stars and space work as really good fillers for sleeves!

Molecule Design

Are you a science fanatic? Or maybe there’s just one substance you are obsessed with. We’ve seen coffee fans with the molecular layout for caffeine and neurologists with serotonin. Getting the molecular layout or formula of a substance can be a unique way to express your appreciation for your favorite chemical and start a conversation with others who may be in the same field (or rave scene) as you.

Friendship Band

Have you ever considered getting a matching tattoo with a friend, family member, or sibling? Sometimes matching tattoos take too much consideration and you never end up deciding on artwork you both like. Simplify the process by getting matching line bands around your arm (or wherever you choose, really). Do it in color for flair. This arm tattoo idea would also be perfect as a family tattoo.

Wavelength of a Sound

If you have a recording of someone saying something, a heartbeat, a song, or any sound in general – you can take the wavelength image of that sound and make it into a tattoo. Translating sound into picture for permanence. Beautiful.

Country or State Outline

This one is a simple tattoo idea that can pay homage to your home country or state. Or maybe you are a world traveler and want to become a human map with outlines of every country you have visited in black ink.


Wolfs represent loyalty, spiritual protection, and individuality. Wolves get the reputation of being both the “lone wolf” and pack animals. Get a simple outline of a wolf howling at the moon or go big and get a crazy detailed wolf. Is a back piece of a family of wolves too much? (We think not.)

Armband Tattoo

If you are looking for a bold aesthetic piece, consider getting a thick armband tattoo, or even two or three. You can play around with where you want the bands places, how thick you get them, and their color. Band tattoos also look great on the thigh.

Family Crest

Do you have a family crest? Depending on your family history, you might! If you don’t already know about it, it probably won’t be easy to find, but it could be a fun search anyway. Anyway, a family crest or even family saying is a great tattoo. You can get it exactly as is as a picture or have a tattoo artist make a creative re-interpretation of it.

Ensō Circle

The Enso is a sacred symbol from the Zen school of Buddhism. The Enso circle is an imperfect circle made with a single stroke of the paint brush. It represents the beginning and end of all things – the cyclical nature of time. Making an Enso is also a practice in itself. Try drawing a perfect circle in one stroke and be content with the results no matter what they are, then bring it to your local thick line specialist (usually someone who does neo-traditional work).

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire tattoos are a timeless classic, used as a sign of warning to all who dare cross the wearer. Now they are more common, but that doesn’t change how cool they look. You can get a couple of links as filler or get an entire band around the arm.

Chain Fence

Chain fence tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially with city dwellers. Chain fences are kind of like a new-age barbed wire tattoo. A section of chained fence is also great as a filler tattoo for open space on a sleeve.


The traditional style heart tattoo is another timeless classic, and there are so many ways to make it unique for you. Personalize the heart with a dagger, banner adornments, flowers, or get creative about the style of the heart. A heart and arrow tattoo is another great choice.


Bear tattoos symbolize strength, courage, and inner gentleness. Bears are known to be one of the more powerful animals. They are both fierce protectors and gentle caretakers. Everyone knows the “teddy bear” trope. Bears are both genuinely sweet and powerful.


The pin-up girl, a sexy classic! As the world grows ever more progressive we are seeing all new types of pin-up girls. They used to be Barbie-looking girls but now new-age tattoos have shown appreciation for all types of bodies, women, and skin colors.

Art Piece

Is there an artist that you love and you would like a piece of their work on your body forever? It’s popular to bring a tattoo artist a famous work of art and have the tattoo artist make their own interpretation of it. If you like the original piece as is, some artists specialize in copying the original artist’s work and turning it into body art.

Movie Scene

Find an aesthetically pleasing frame from your favorite scene in your favorite movie! Not only is it a cool homage to your favorite film but it’s a great conversation starter for other fans.


Skull tattoos can be a great reminder that death is a natural part of life. They can also look pretty awesome. Maybe you want something like a realistic skull portrait or something more interpretational like a skull with flowers or snakes coming out of it.


A rose tattoo on a man can signify confidence in femininity, growth, and love. The rose is the symbol of romance and love. You can have fun with what style of rose tattoo you get. Traditional rose tattoos can be adorned with a name or meaningful quote. More abstract roses can signify the complexity of a person's relationship to love.

Astrological Sign

Do you know your sun, moon, and rising? If you are a fan of astrology, you can get your sign or signs tattooed. You might also want to check out your natal chart wheel. The natal chart wheel is a circular “map” of where each sign and house was when you were born. The shapes made by your chart could also make for an awesome tattoo, and the constellations of star signs don’t look too bad either!


Scorpions symbolize defense, perseverance, death, and power. The ancestors of this animal were around more than 400 million years, long before dinosaurs. They have survived through more than we can imagine. They are notoriously poisonous and can bring death to those who cross them. Some cultures believe the same poison that can kill also has the power to heal.

Wrapping It Up

Okay, so you’ve been hit with some classic and new tattoo ideas! Hopefully you have a better idea of what you want for your next tattoo. The next step is figuring out where you want the tattoo and what size you want it to be. Depending on size, complexity, and placement – you might be getting worried about the amount of pain it’ll take to get inked properly. HUSH was created so you don’t have to compromise your art for the sake of pain. We have created anesthetic tattoo gels and sprays to help reduce the pain so you can up your body art. From a shoulder tattoo to wrist tattoos to leg tattoos on sensitive calves, HUSH is here to help both during and after your session. Explore our products here! Sources: Enso Circle | Modern Zen Birth Chart Layout – Astrology Lesson 3 | Astro Library Scorpion Symbolism | Symbolism and Metaphor

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