Tattoo Pain Tolerance and Reactions

Tattoo Pain Tolerance and Reactions

Feb 15, 2017 | Arleys Resco

No pain, no gain. Right?
Well..not exactly. As humans, we are all susceptible to pain and it is widely accepted as just another part of our daily life.

But, the amount of pain I can tolerate whether emotional or physical varies completely from yours. Our pain tolerance and reactions to getting a tattoo can vary in a myriad of ways. Although this is one of those so-called common sense things, we’re not all quick to acknowledge it. Tattoos are just one of those things that anyone may stop and think, "ouch, that must've hurt." We automatically associate tattoos with pain. But since we've created our product, we've altered the way tattoos are perceived.

But with change, there's always pushback.

We've experienced a lot of what I would call, "pain-shaming." In essence these are the people who judge others for taking the "easy way out" when it comes to tattoo pain. High pain tolerance or finding pleasure in pain is not a prerequisite for getting a tattoo and we shouldn’t treat it as one. According to a study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, results showed there is a link between an individual’s sensitivity to pain and the thickness of their brain cortex. It's not fair to judge others on their biological predisposition to pain. Much like we are not at fault for biological tendencies that are beyond our control. If we could choose, I am certain most of us would opt-out of pain altogether, but pain is a necessary evil that keeps us safe in unprecedented circumstances (Biology 101: fight-or-flight). If someone wants to tattoo their body it is up to them to choose how they deal with the pain. Luckily, Hush is a product that creates these options. There's no shame in seeking less pain, we’re just in the business of choices, and who doesn't love choices?

Those who choose to tolerate the pain are brave and nothing can take that away from you. But you should never feel superior to those who choose to ease the pain. We have customers who love tattoos but for different skin sensitivities have avoided being inked at all costs. Products like HUSH allow for people like them to have the art they’ve always wanted on their bodies.

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