Tattoo Removal Cream: Does It Really Work?

Tattoo Removal Cream: Does It Really Work?

Nov 21, 2015 | Arleys Resco

So you got yourself inked and now you regret it. Things change in the course of time, including your love for your tattoo. Tattoo removal creams over-the-counter ointments meant to gradually fade or eliminate tattoos after repeat applications, but does it really work?

How do tattoo removal creams work?

Some creams will work to lighten your skin and other will work to peel a layer of skin.

By lightning your skin and reducing in melatonin on your skin, creams will work to slowly fade the pigments on your epidermis, and in turn gradually fade your tattoo.

Other creams, work by removing your current skin and replacing it with a fresh layer. Much like after getting a sunburn, once a top layer of skin is eliminated, it’s replaced by a new fresh layer. Continuous peeling in the desired area is meant to gradually wear away at your tattoo.

There's also creams which can be injected into the skin. The injected cream is meant to bond with your pigments, soften them and push them toward the surface. Once this occurs, it should form a scab which would then fall off.

Is tattoo removal cream for you?

The great thing about these creams is you won't re-experience pain from a cover up tattoo or the scarring and blisters brought about by laser tattoo removal.

Is tattoo removal cream really the best option?

If you're truly unhappy with your tattoo and believe a cover-up tattoo or laser tattoo removal won't cut it or don't fit your budget creams might be your best best. If you're still not sure, check out this pros and cons list to help aid you. The decision is ultimately yours.


  • Application of cream will likely last for few minutes.
  • Cost averaged $50+ per bottle
  • Post application, will be minimal as compared to laser tattoo removal


  • Some creams require the product to be injected to the skin
  • Process ranges as long as 90 days+ to see the desired effect
  • Reapply more than once, until pigment is minimal/completely gone or as prescribed by your doctor
  • Possible allergic reaction to active ingredients found on cream
  • Consult with your doctor to know which cream would work best for you
  • Proper care and maintenance must be done to avoid infection
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