The Best Tattoo Numbing Products in the Industry

The Best Tattoo Numbing Products in the Industry

May 28, 2015 | brookline agency

Tattoo pain is never fun. That’s why the experts at HUSH developed an exclusive line of cruelty-free, FDA-compliant products, including tattoo numbing cream, gel, spray and soap. Designed with both the artist and client in mind, HUSH Gel, Spray and Foam Soap are industry game changers. From tattoo shops in Miami to body mod conventions in Melbourne, Australia, HUSH products have been used in countless, painless tattoo sessions around the globe. The body mod market is flooded with anesthetic tattoo numbing creams that promise numbing and painless tattoos. Yet, the preservatives found in these tattoo numbing creams can cause serious allergic reactions and jeopardize a tattoo artist’s creation. HUSH products, however, are 100 percent vegan and epinephrine-free. Its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agent helps skin heal in as little as five days.

Here are HUSH’s tattoo numbing products:

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel

HUSH Gel is the go-to for artists and collectors alike. Our most popular product is a non-oily numbing agent, comprised of a unique blend of botanicals that reduces skin inflammation and redness. HUSH Gel should be applied before the tattoo artist’s needle ever penetrates the skin and is perfect for long hours on the chair. This skin numbing gel lasts about two hours after initial application, but can be coupled with HUSH Spray to guarantee a painless tattoo session. Shop Now

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray

For art collectors who want a painless tattoo session, this easy-to-apply liquid numbing formula starts anesthetizing the skin just 90 seconds after it’s sprayed onto the surface. Unlike other tattoo skin-numbing creams that can leave you feeling oily, HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray is cool and light on contact. The numbing agents in HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray last about 35 minutes after the skin has been broken, but the product can be reapplied throughout the session to ensure a painless tattoo experience. Shop Now

HUSH CBD Foam Soap

Even after a painless tattoo session, skin can appear red and irritated throughout the healing process. Cleanliness is key, and there’s no better way to clean a tattooed surface than with HUSH CBD Foam Soap. Regular soap can cause discoloration, but HUSH CBD Foam Soap protects the integrity of the artwork while simultaneously removing impurities. The foam soap also helps alleviate tattoo-related pain throughout the recovery period, providing a far more comfortable healing process than traditional soap. Shop Now

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Cream

Our Tattoo Numbing Cream is a great addition to any tattoo appointment routine. It is a solution for anyone wanting to minimize tattooing pain. Our Tattoo Numbing Cream is formulated specifically for sensitive skin. Just because you want to be a little more gentle on your skin doesn’t mean you can’t get new ink! You deserve a comfortable experience no matter what. After applying the tattoo numbing cream to the skin, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes to start working. Using a numbing product is the best move if you want to enjoy the fun of getting a tattoo without the irritating pain. Lidocaine is the main active ingredient in HUSH Tattoo Numbing Cream. We recommend giving it an hour to start working.

Learn more about HUSH’s Tattoo Numbing Cream on our product page here. Shop Now

How does a tattoo numbing cream or gel work?

Tattoo numbing creams and gels work because of an incredible ingredient called lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that can block pain signals in a specific area. Lidocaine prevents your brain from getting the signal that something painful just happened. If your brain doesn’t “know” about the discomfort, you do not feel it. Often used to block pain during medical procedures, lidocaine is well-accepted as a safe and effective ingredient when used correctly. Not only are HUSH's tattoo numbing products effective because of lidocaine, they are also safe. Other tattoo numbing creams and gels use epinephrine in their products, but we never do. Why not? Epinephrine can make your heart race, and constricts blood vessels. Neither of these are outcomes we’re looking for. We simply want the best pain relief, with the highest quality product.

Benefits of using numbing products in body art

The first benefit that probably comes to mind when you think about using a numbing product is a more comfortable tattoo session. Absolutely that’s at the top of the list! But there are other benefits as well. Feeling more comfortable during your tattoo sessions means you’re able to relax, and your tattoo artist is as well. When you’re resting comfortably and staying still throughout your body art session, the artist can truly focus on doing their best work. People who use good tattoo numbing products are often able to finish their tattoo session with fewer - or no - breaks. They may be able to get a large tattoo done in fewer sessions than expected, because the work goes faster and any discomfort is far more mild.


What ingredients numb pain during a tattoo session?

The most important ingredient in tattoo numbing products is lidocaine, which can block nerves from sending signals to the brain. Lidocaine works only on the area it’s applied to, which makes it ideal for tattoos. Many people prefer a numbing cream or gel without epinephrine. This ingredient can make your heart race, along with several other negative side effects. HUSH products are always made without epinephrine.

How do you use a tattoo numbing product?

While each product comes with its own instructions, generally you’ll apply the HUSH gel about an hour before the tattoo session will start. You should cover the area lightly with cellophane and give it time to start working. After an hour, remove the cellophane and gently wipe the skin.

How long does tattoo numbing last?

You can expect a few hours of relief from a gel or a cream product. After this time, the numbing properties will start to fade.

What if I need more relief during a tattoo session?

HUSH's spray is formulated to work fast, and right where you need it. If you’re having a particularly uncomfortable tattoo session, use the spray to quickly bring relief to the area.

Why choose HUSH?

Relaxing during a tattoo session? This is the reality with HUSH Anesthetics. HUSH's tattoo numbing products are made with the best quality ingredients, to truly provide you with effective pain relief during a tattoo session. Not only are these products effective, but they’re also safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and American-made with ethically sourced ingredients by a company that is independently owned. Our customers feel good about our products, their results, and the company behind them.