The Best Tattoo Numbing Products in the Industry

The Best Tattoo Numbing Products in the Industry

Oct 05, 2022 | Victor Gonzalez

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Tattoos are rad as hell, but painless ones are even better.

In 2009, Miami-based HUSH Anesthetic developed the first tattoo numbing product to prioritize comfort without compromising your body art, HUSH Gel. Since then, HUSH has expanded to include the best tattoo numbing products available, including tattoo numbing cream and spray.

Designed with both the artist and client in mind, HUSH is an industry game changer. From tattoo shops in Miami to body mod conventions in Melbourne, Australia, HUSH tattoo numbing products have been used in countless painless tattoo sessions around the globe. 

How Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work? 

It’s science, baby! Our award-winning tattoo numbing products contain 4% lidocaine, a local anesthetic that blocks pain signals in a specific area. Often used to block pain during medical and dental procedures, lidocaine is a safe and effective pain mitigation tool when used properly. 

HUSH tattoo numbing products are effective because of lidocaine, but they’re also safe. We offer effective products for even the most sensitive skin types because everyone deserves a pain-free tattoo experience. Whether you’re nervous about your first small tattoo or want relief for a larger piece, use HUSH to melt away the pain so you can focus on your rad new tattoo ink.

What Is Lidocaine and How Does It Work?

The most important active ingredient in our tattoo numbing products is lidocaine, which can block nerves from sending signals to the brain for a numbing effect and the loss of feeling in the skin. 

Lidocaine works only on the area it’s applied to, which makes it ideal for tattoos. Lidocaine is an FDA-approved topical anesthetic that’s super common for preventing pain during tattoos and procedures like tattoo removal, waxing, or microblading.

We use lidocaine because of its maximum strength numbing effect without the side effects of epinephrine. Lidocaine is a safe and effective numbing agent that’s easy to use. When using lidocaine, make sure that you watch out for potential injuries while your skin is numb, and avoid using it on open wounds or infected skin.

What Is the Difference Between Lidocaine and Epinephrine?

Many people prefer a numbing cream or gel without epinephrine. Epinephrine is another name for adrenaline, a neurotransmitter, and a hormone. This hormone is a part of the body’s fight or flight response and plays a role in your panic and excitement responses. 

However, some topical anesthetics contain this hormone. This ingredient can make your heart race, along with several other negative side effects. At HUSH, we want to ensure you feel calm and cool during your tattoo session, not stressing out with a racing heart. HUSH products are always made without epinephrine.

Are HUSH Tattoo Numbing Products Safe To Use?

The entire HUSH line is safe to use. Our over-the-counter, water-based formula is cruelty-free and does not contain parabens or epinephrine, which can make your heart race and constrict blood vessels. Yuck! You simply want the best pain relief, with the highest quality ingredients. That’s HUSH.

Every one of our ingredients has a purpose. You already know that we use lidocaine to block pain, but we also include a blend of botanicals like aloe, calendula, and chamomile to soothe the skin. All these ingredients are suspended in deionized water, ultra-purified water with no toxins to disrupt your tattooing process or risk infection.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tattoo Numbing Products?

Pain tolerance is probably the first benefit that comes to mind when you think about using a tattoo numbing product. Yours will be much higher when you use HUSH tattoo numbing cream or gel, which can help you sit through long, intense sessions without the pain. But that’s only a fraction of the benefits. 

You will feel more comfortable during your tattoo sessions, which means less stress on your body and mind, as well as on your tattoo artists. When you’re resting comfortably and staying still throughout your session, the artist can truly focus on doing their best work. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain during the tattooing process, the artist might have to start and stop, making your session take longer and costing more.

People who use good tattoo numbing products can often finish their tattoo session with fewer or no breaks. They may be able to get a large tattoo done in fewer sessions than expected because the work goes faster, and any discomfort is far milder. Using numbing products from HUSH, you can spend your session thinking about your next tattoo, not the pain of the tattoo needle!

While the numbing may last two to three hours, the anti-inflammatory properties and natural botanicals assist with healing well after your session. We love coupling our session products with our aftercare bundle to ensure your new tattoo heals properly. At HUSH, we think you should be able to rest easy during and after your session.

How Do You Use a Tattoo Numbing Product?

While each product comes with instructions, you’ll generally apply the HUSH tattoo numbing cream and gel an hour before your tattoo session starts. Dab on a thick layer to the area where you’ll get a tattoo to let it work its magic. Then, wash your hands to ensure you’re only numb where you want to be.

You should cover the area lightly with cellophane and give it time to start working. After an hour, remove the cellophane and gently wipe the skin. You’ll be left with uber numb skin ready to withstand even the longest ink session — no tattoo pain necessary!

How Long Does Tattoo Numbing Last?

You can expect two to three hours of relief from a gel or a cream product. After this time, the numbing properties will start to fade. Our long-lasting products will get you through hours of tattoo sessions, but if you’re going for an all-day tattoo experience, you might need to reapply.

If you’re getting a large piece completed all in one session and you start to feel sensation again, talk to your tattoo artist about taking a break to reapply your numbing agent. Or, opt to split up your larger tattoos into multiple sessions to ensure you stay nice and numb the whole time.

What if I Need More Relief During a Tattoo Session?

HUSH Numbing Spray is formulated to work fast and right where you need it. While our numbing gel and cream have to soak into the skin to provide long-lasting relief, our numbing spray is great for quick pain relief.

If you’re having a particularly uncomfortable tattoo session, either because of your session length or because of the area of your tattoo, use the spray to bring relief to the area quickly. This spray also uses lidocaine and is epinephrine-free to ensure you stay calm and collected during your session.

What Are the Best Tattoo Numbing Products?

We have a couple of numbing agents that will enhance your tattoo experience by numbing away pain. We believe that the best tattoo products are non-greasy, specially formulated products for tattoos with specific ingredients to promote healing.

Our numbing gel and cream include botanicals like aloe vera to moisturize and help protect the skin. We also include natural ingredients like green tea tree extract, chamomile, and calendula to reduce redness and help your tattoo heal. 

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Cream

Folks with sensitive skin deserve a comfortable experience, too! Is that you? You’re in luck. HUSH Tattoo Numbing Cream is formulated specifically for tattoos with sensitive skin. Having sensitive skin shouldn’t mean getting a tattoo is painful. At HUSH, we believe that all skin types deserve a chill, relaxed tattoo experience free of tattoo pain.

Like other tattoo numbing products in the HUSH line, tattoo numbing cream relies on lidocaine to block targeted nerve endings from sending pain signals to your brain. Unlike HUSH Gel, HUSH Cream does not contain menthol, making it the best tattoo numbing product to use on face and neck tattoos or other sensitive areas. 

This lotion contains natural ingredients and no epinephrine. Like our gel, we blend powerful lidocaine with special extracts meant to soothe even the most sensitive skin during a session.

Learn more about the best numbing cream in the industry, HUSH Tattoo Numbing Cream.

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel

HUSH Gel is the go-to for artists and collectors alike. This non-oily tattoo numbing gel was the first of its kind when launched on the tattoo convention circuit in 2009. 

Lidocaine numbs the skin by blocking nerve endings from sending pain signals to your brain. The effect lasts two to three hours, ideal for anyone hoping to forego the irritating pain often associated with tattooing.

Learn more about HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel here.

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray

Also known as the HUSH Healing Spray, this is arguably the most versatile HUSH product because it works well during the tattoo session and at home for aftercare. 

Are you experiencing a particularly sensitive area during your inking? Mist it on for instant relief. Got an itchy tattoo during the healing process that you’re soooo tempted to scratch? Grab your healing spray instead! You shouldn’t have to compromise a properly healed tattoo for comfort.

This tattoo numbing spray is developed specifically for tattoos and relieves pain with a fast-acting lidocaine-based formula. Antiseptic agents help prevent infection, while blended botanicals provide additional protection against bruising and swelling.

Artists love using this pain-relieving spray in session once the tattoo outline is complete. It not only cleans the surface area but also provides additional relief during particularly painful tattoo sessions in areas like the back, ribs, foot, and so on.

Learn more about HUSH Tattoo Spray here

The Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

We’re all about keeping your skin happy during your tattoo session and afterward. Tattoo aftercare is a key part of ensuring your ink heals properly to keep it looking good for years to come. Plus, nobody likes an infected tattoo!

Below, we’ll explore some of our favorite skincare products to soothe your skin and help keep things clean. With HUSH, your session and healing process will be smooth sailing, no matter your skin type.

HUSH CBD Healing Balm

Our CBD balm is the perfect choice for immediate relief during the healing process. We all know how tempting it can be to scratch an itchy or peeling tattoo but swipe on our balm rather than disrupt your new art. The healing balm supports the healing process while moisturizing and enhancing your tattoo’s color. 

We combine soothing CBD with many different oils and extracts to get all the benefits of vitamins like E, A, and C with the rich moisture of shea butter and mango seed butter. Our botanicals help promote your skin’s natural properties to protect, soothe, and reduce swelling in your skin.

HUSH CBD Foam Soap

Even after a painless tattoo session, skin can appear red and irritated throughout the healing process. Cleanliness is key, and there’s no better way to clean a tattooed surface than with HUSH CBD Foam Soap. 

Regular soap can cause discoloration, but HUSH CBD Foam Soap protects the integrity of the artwork while simultaneously removing impurities. The foam soap also helps soothe tattoo-related pain throughout healing, providing a far more comfortable healing process than traditional soap. 

Learn more about HUSH’s CBD Foam Soap here!

What Makes HUSH Different? 

Every ingredient that goes into HUSH benefits you. Aloe leaf extra is a natural moisturizer, supporting collagen production and tattoo healing. 

Green tea extract soothes the skin with antioxidants. Marigold flower extract supports the body’s immune response. Chamomile extract contains natural soothing properties. Comfrey helps new skin cells grow and softens your skin. The list goes on — everything in HUSH tattoo numbing products serves a purpose.

Why Choose HUSH?

Are you relaxing during a tattoo session? This is the reality with HUSH Anesthetics. HUSH tattoo numbing products are made with the best ingredients to provide effective pain relief during a tattoo session. 

Not only are these products effective, but they’re also safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and American-made with ethically sourced ingredients by an independently owned company. Our customers feel good about our products, their results, and the company behind them.


For the best tattoo numbing cream for a pain-free new tattoo, turn to HUSH. Our topical anesthetic cream and gel are formulated with ultra-strong lidocaine to numb you, without epinephrine to get your adrenaline pumping.

Our products contain specific botanicals to aid the healing process, both in our numbing agents during your sessions and our aftercare products for taking care of your fresh new tattoo. Whether you’re getting your first piece or finishing up a rad sleeve, don’t be a hero: use HUSH for the chillest session of your life.



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