Everything You Need to Know Before You Get a Thigh Tattoo

Everything You Need to Know Before You Get a Thigh Tattoo

Jun 24, 2022 | Bridget Reed

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What makes thigh tattoo placement different from any other tattoo? How sensitive are the thighs compared to other body parts when it comes to tattooing? What do you need to know about taking care of a badass thigh tattoo?

Thigh tats aren’t anything crazy but you’ll want to consider how sensitive different areas of your thigh are, and how best to prepare for and then take care of your new piece of art. We got you on all fronts. Let’s get started!

Thigh Sensitivity and Pain Level

Your thighs may be more muscular than your arms but thickness does not equate to a less painful tattoo. Some parts of the thigh are very sensitive, and other parts are less so. 

Everybody’s sensitivity and tattoo pain tolerance are different. If you want to try and judge where you are more sensitive or less sensitive on your thighs, we recommend you take something like a feather, fork, capped pen, or something, and lightly drag it around your thigh. 

Where does it tickle? Where is it giving nada?

Inner Thigh

The inner thigh ties with the back of the thigh for the most sensitive thigh areas. It is considered an erogenous zone but typically doesn't get as much attention as your outer or front thigh areas do. So, it’s more sensitive to touch. 

Getting a tattoo on the inner thigh is going to bring a tender pain. While it may be thick, it’s softer and more delicate than the rest of your thigh, so you will feel those sharp tattoo needles un poco extra there. 

Using a topical anesthetic for inner thigh tattoos is recommended because of the sensitivity of the area. A tattoo gun is nothing like a gentle caress from your partner.

Back of the Thigh

The back of the thigh is similar to the inside of the thigh in terms of sensitivity, but it’s just a little less sensitive because of all the sitting action it gets. The lower part near the back of your knee is where you’ll really feel that tattoo gun going to work. 

You might get away with getting a leg tattoo smack dab in the middle of your thigh-back without excess tenderness, but the lower and upper parts are going to be just as sensitive, or even más sensitive than the inner thigh. 

Using a topical anesthetic before your tattoo session is highly recommended for back-of-the-thigh tattoo designs. 

Front of the Thigh

We would consider the front thigh to be less sensitive than the inner and back thigh areas, but equally or more sensitive than the outer thigh area. The front of the thigh is on the same nerve branch as the outer thigh but it doesn’t see as much friction action as the outer thigh.

A tattoo session on the front of your thigh will involve you lying flat on your back — perhaps one of the more relaxed session positions for thigh tattoo art. You may want to use a topical anesthetic to numb up your thigh before your session or a numbing spray to reduce inflammation during the session. 

Getting a tattoo on your upper or lower thigh might be a bit ticklish or sensitive, but don’t worry, your tattoo artist knows this and will only make fun of you a little if you start giggling.

Outer Thigh

The outer thigh is usually the least sensitive area of the thigh because it faces the most friction. It is pretty used to being rubbed by clothing, taking the hit when you side bump into tables, and sliding into home plate, or whatever else you do. 

The outer thigh is used to the world in a way the other parts of your thigh are not. That’s why you’ll often see huge ornate flower thigh tattoos (especially intricate lotus flowers), giant mandala tattoos, and elaborate skull tattoos as popular side thigh tattoo designs. 

Getting the outer thigh tattooed will be the least painful area of the thigh to get a new tattoo on, but not all bets are off. It is still a more sensitive region than your upper arms, and if you are tattooing near your knee or hip you might want to use a topical anesthetic before your tattoo session or a numbing spray during it.

Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Everyone has pictured themselves with a sexy thigh tattoo at one point or another. Whether it’s watercolor or blackwork, a bold thigh piece can draw attention to your incredible legs. 

If you don’t think you have incredible legs, then that cool tattoo will at least make your thighs cooler than you thought they were before, and that’s a win, no

Whatever your reasoning is, the best thigh tattoo is going to be a unique tattoo that makes you feel happier and more confident every time you look at it.

Just remember, the thigh can be a sensitive area, so prep for your sesh with HUSH! If you want an all-black-ink lion tattoo, or a hyper-realistic rose thigh tattoo that wraps around your leg like a garter, we aren’t going to let you compromise your body art for a little pain. 

Thigh Tattoo Aftercare

Thigh tattoos prove to be a bit more challenging in aftercare because of the placement. Unless you feel comfortable going bottomless the whole time, you may run into clothing issues. 

Wear loose and flexible bottoms to your tattoo appointment and a nice pair of underwear in case you end up pant-less during your tattoo session (which might happen should you get an upper thigh tattoo). Lo siento, no going commando to this sesh. 

What do you wear when you have a healing thigh tattoo? 

Depending on how low your tattoo is on your leg, you might be able to get away with wearing short-shorts if it’s warm out. If your tattoo is in an area where clothing contact is unavoidable, opt for very loose-fitting bottoms. 

Stay away from tight-fitting clothing while your tattoo is healing. You want to avoid friction that could disrupt the healing process of your tattoo. If you need to wear something that is going to rub against your fresh wound, protect it with a breathable and sterile bandage. 

Healing a thigh tattoo is going to be easier if you get it in the summer. Unless you are an only-pants person, we can’t make things easier for you. If you aren’t opposed to shorts or skirts, getting a thigh tattoo in the summer is going to be easier because you won’t have to worry about wound friction and how you’re going to protect your tattoo from that friction. Sweat will be your biggest issue.


Getting a thigh tattoo can be a painful experience. Your thighs are where your thiccness lives, but still, they are a tender region. Be prepared for the level of sensitivity you may experience depending on what area of the thigh you get your tattoo on. 

You’ll also want to consider how you are going to care for your thigh tattoo when it’s healing. Depending on the time of year and the placement of the tattoo you’ll want to make sure you have some loose-fitting clothing in your closet.

The bottom line: Don’t let a little thigh pain stop your sunflower tattoo from coming to life — get some HUSH on there and go for it!



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