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Tattoos hurt! Let HUSH take the edge off with products made for numbing and aftercare support.



Our proprietary blend of botanicals means less bruising, faster healing time and will not affect the tattoo color or design in any way.



The Collection

The Collection

Relieve tattoo pain, protect new tattoos, and expedite healing.



CBD healing balm

CBD healing balm

Developed specifically for healing tattoos. Minimize pain and swelling with essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, and natural botanicals.



Aftercare Set

Aftercare Set

Nourish and protect your body art.



Tattoo Numbing and Aftercare Products

While nothing hurts more than watching your aunt and uncle’s vacation slideshow (again), sitting through a tattoo session can come in at a close second — if you’ve forgotten to use a numbing product. 

The hardest part of getting a tattoo should be deciding which one you want and where, and not spending hours of your life on something that feels just short of misery. 

We make it easy.


Tattoo Numbing Gel

4% Lidocaine — Max strength to block nerve signals so pain is nowhere to be seen.

Natural ingredients — Chamomile extract with natural soothing properties that reduce swelling and redness, aloe extract to reduce irritation and boost collagen production, and rice bran to provide fatty acids, vitamin E, and mineral salts rich in antioxidant properties that promote circulation.

Paraben and Epinephrine-Free — For a more gentle formulation free of artificial ingredients.

Fragrance-Free — So you can use it anytime anywhere without heavy, clogging scents

If your last tattoo sesh resembled something closer to that nightmare first date last week, check out our Tattoo Numbing Gel. Tenderfoot or showcase, no matter where you fall on the tattoo numbers scale, prep for your next tattoo session with our Tattoo Numbing Gel. 

Less needle pain = more tattoo gain. 

Our non-greasy, water-based formula is developed specifically for tattoos. Maximum strength lidocaine helps block the pain, while a unique blend of botanicals soothes and calms your skin. It also includes menthol for counter-irritant benefits.

Directions: Evenly spread a thick layer directly onto your skin. Loosely cover with plastic wrap. Apply one hour before your tattoo session for maximum absorption and best results.


Tattoo Numbing Cream

4% Lidocaine — Bring on the skin numbing, fast, and totally block those pain signals

Natural ingredients — Aloe extract with natural soothing, cleansing, and cooling properties, calendula extract to reduce redness and swelling, and green tea extract for rich antioxidant benefits.

Paraben and Epinephrine-Free — No one needs these common skin irritants, you’re better than that. 

Menthol-Free — To keep your skin from overreacting (this works better in aftercare anyway)

This is the way. Yes, anyone with sensitive skin can jump straight to our Tattoo Numbing Cream. You can have your tattoo and admire it too (without a whole bunch of unnecesssary pain) when you choose and use our Tattoo Numbing Cream. 

Maximum strength lidocaine helps numb those nerve endings while a powerful blend of botanical ingredients helps to calm irritation. We ditch the parabens and epinephrine to reduce the chance of dryness or irritation.

Directions: Evenly spread a thick layer directly onto your skin. Cover with plastic wrap. For best results, apply one hour before your tattoo session for maximum absorption.


CBD Foam Soap

500mg of Organic CBD — nature’s anti-inflammatory to soothe and support skin

Powerful Natural Ingredients — including calendula extract to help support your skin’s healing process while also reducing irritation, green tea extract to deliver a dose of L-theanine and other antioxidants, and comfrey extract to help support your skin barrier and make skin softer

Non-Psychoactive and THC-Free — All the potential benefits of CBD without the drama

Supports the Skin’s Natural Healing Orocess — Lets your skin do its thing without getting in the way or drying skin out

Before tattoo, during tattoo, after tattoo… when can’t you whip out this gentle cleanser? Short answer: never. Use our CBD Foam Soap during your tattoo session and for tattoo aftercare to help reduce irritation. Keep your tattoo squeaky-clean and soothe your healing tat all in one go. 

Developed specifically for tattoos, our CBD Foam Soap protects new tattoos against infection while also working to soothe and nourish the skin. Natural botanicals, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties work to minimize pain and swelling while you cleanse. 

Directions: Pump directly onto your new tattoo. Lather gently. Rinse. Pat dry. Repeat as necessary.


Healing Spray

4% Lidocaine — Fast-acting to get you relief the moment you want it

Powerful Natural Botanicals — Reap the natural healing benefits of marigold flower extract, symphytum flower extract, aloe leaf extract, and chamomile flower extract

Paraben and Epinephrine-Free — We skip the skin-drying irritants

Fragrance-Free — So you won’t overload on scent and your skin won’t suffocate 

Get by with a little help from your friend, our Tattoo Healing Spray. Use our Tattoo Healing Spray for temporary (much-needed) relief during your tattoo session and the tattoo aftercare process. Breathe, admire your work of art in progress, and keep our spray handy throughout your session.

Developed specifically for use during tattoo sessions, you can kiss pain goodbye with our fast-acting lidocaine-based formula. Antiseptic agents could help prevent infection, while a natural blend of botanicals provide additional protection to help support your skin while it heals.

Directions: Spray directly onto your tattoo during the tattoo session. Allow the formula to absorb for 60 seconds. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Repeat as necessary.

CBD Healing Balm

Reduce feelings of irritation — Give your healing tattoo the ingredients it wants

Safe for even the most sensitive skin — We skip the harsh stuff to avoid skin irritation

500mg of organic cannabinoids — Benefit of CBD’s soothing support without the psychoactive or THC after effects

Natural ingredients — We’re talking shea butter for fatty acids and vitamins that help moisturize, mango seed butter to tightens your skin snd reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sunflower seed oil to brightens and protect skin with essential fatty acids, and grapefruit peel oil for naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that leave skin feeling smoother and looking younger. 

A healing tattoo itches something fierce. Take it down a notch with our Sana Sana CBD Healing Balm. Include this soothing balm in your tattoo aftercare routine to help keep your skin hydrated. Slather it on your clean tattoo and breathe a great, big old sigh of relief.  

Our Sana Sana CBD Healing Balm is developed specifically for tattoos to help regenerate, soothe, and support the skin in its deepest layers with 500mg of organic cannabinoids. Natural botanicals, essential fatty acids, and naturally soothing ingredients can help ease skin irritation while protecting your skin and keeping it hydrated.

Directions: Apply directly to your clean tattoo. Gently massage into your skin until fully absorbed. Repeat as necessary.