you did it!

Learn how to take care of your new art so it has the best start (and help keep fading to a minimum). 

The Collection

The Collection

Relieve tattoo pain, protect new tattoos, and expedite healing.



The Basic Aftercare Timeline

When your new piece is finished, and you’ve got a good look at it, listen to your tattoo artist. They will tell you all the things you need to know to help heal your tattoo and keep it looking fresh. 

Our advice below is definitely worth remembering.

Clean-Up: Treat your tattoo like you would vintage vinyl. In other words, handle with care. Use your Tattoo Healing Balm, Sana Sana. Wash your hands, then apply Sana Sana to your clean tattoo. Gently massage the healing balm into your new tattoo until it’s fully absorbed. Our tattoo CBD Healing Balm is a custom creation of natural botanicals and 50 0mg of organic cannabinoids that work to help support your skin during the healing process.

Wear Comfy Clothes: Save the skintight clothing for after your tattoo heals. Give your new tattoo plenty of breathing room. 

Hands-Off Approach: That new tattoo is going to itch and scab over. While it’s a natural part of the healing process, it resembles something closer to your knees after recess in elementary school. This is one scab you don’t want to pick. The last thing you want is for your fresh ink to flake off. When the itching gets too intense, slather on CBD Healing Balm, then breathe the sweet, sweet sigh of relief.

Avoid Swimming Pools: Your scabby tattoo and your cat have something in common. Both hate extended dips in the water. Avoid the swimming pool while your tattoo is undergoing the itchy/scabby healing process to avoid a faded, fugly end tattoo.

Avoid the Sun: Bask in the sun if you want, but know that your tattoo will suffer for it. While you shouldn’t put sunscreen on a fresh tattoo, you do need to keep it covered whenever you’re out in the sun. You don’t want a sunburn on freshly tatted skin. Later, after your piece has healed? If there were ever a time to embrace consistent sunscreen use, it would be then. Unless, of course, you like fast-fading tattoos.

Watch for Infection: Your tattoo artist will have already gone through a list of “do” and “do not.” If you ignored their expert advice, you run a higher risk of getting an infection. If your skin looks red, inflamed, and swollen a few days after your tattoo session, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. Whatever you do, don’t ignore an infection. Get it treated ASAP.


Products To Use for Tattoo Aftercare

Bring your tattoo aftercare products with you to your session or wait until you get home. Either way, don’t skip this step in the process. It’s believed that tattooing is a major drain on your immune system. As they say, aftercare isn’t an afterthought. 


Tattoo CBD Healing Balm, Sana Sana

“Sana sana colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana,” goes the proverb beloved by abuelas everywhere. Wise words. 

This tattoo aftercare product also spreads the love over your new piece. With a custom-created blend of natural botanicals and 500 mg of organic cannabinoids, it’s the next best thing to grandma’s loving care.

Key Features

Safe for Sensitive Skin — Skips the harsh additives of other brands.

Moisturize & Enhance Color Retention — Includes bioactive compounds to help aid against fading. 

500 mg of Organic Cannabinoids — provide anti-inflammatory support to healing skin.

Natural Ingredients:

Shea Butter: Fatty acids and vitamins found in shea butter help moisturize. 

Mango Seed Butter: Tightens your skin snd reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Contains vitamins A and C. 

Sunflower Seed Oil: Brightens and protects your skin with essential fatty acids. 


CBD Foam Soap

Get the type of clean you need when you’re avoiding infection while dealing with a little pain and swelling. Fortunately, CBD Foam Soap was developed for tattoos. Help calm irritated skin with a gentle cleanser that won’t dry your new tattoo. Dab it on, leave it alone for a minute, then pat it dry with a clean paper towel.

Key Features

Non-Psychoactive & THC-Free — For at-will cleaning when you need it

Regenerates Impacted Skill Cells — To help support skin healing

500 mg of Organic CBD — To regenerate impacted skin and help soothe inflammation

Natural Ingredients:

Aloe Leaf Extract: A natural moisturizer with soothing properties that helps reduce irritation and boosts collagen production. Aloe’s cleansing properties help protect and cool your skin. 

Marigold Flower Extract (Calendula): Reduces redness and swelling with natural cleansing properties. Helps support your skin’s healing process. 

Chamomile Extract: Helps tattoos dry and heal quicker. Natural soothing properties reduce swelling and redness.


Tattoo Healing Spray

HUSH’s healing spray was developed specifically for tattoos. It uses lidocaine to offer quick-acting numbing that can provide relief for new tattoo owners everywhere. Antiseptic agents and blended botanical extracts work hard to support your healing skin (and feel great in the process).

Key Features

Paraben & Epinephrine-Free — If you have sensitive skin, we’ve developed this with you in mind. 

Fragrance-Free — The last thing a new tattoo wants is synthetic fragrance.

4% Lidocaine — Provides fast-acting numbing to dial pain, fast!

Natural Ingredients:

Green Tea Extract: Polyphenols, alkaloids, and L-theanine provide soothing antioxidant properties. 

Comfrey Extract (Symphytum Flower): Helps new skin cells grow and makes your skin softer.

Chamomile Extract: Helps tattoos dry and heal quicker. Natural soothing properties reduce swelling and redness.