why carry Hush?

Hush is an artist’s best friend. Our FDA compliant line of tattoo care products makes it easier for both, the artist and the client to have the most comfortable experience.

insider knowledge

From sales to promotions and even upcoming events and opportunities, be the first to know everything happening at Hush. Receive monthly newsletters and take advantage of exclusive wholesale-only deals.

free publicity

Our team of artists are composed of some of the country’s finest tattoo artists. These artists have massive followings on social media and are constantly pushing our tattoo care line. They are also headliners at some of the industry’s biggest conventions only deepening Hush’s world-wide exposure.

longer sessions+
better retention

Our products essentially eliminate most of the pain associated with tattoos and body modifications by numbing the work surface before, during and after each session without disrupting the integrity of the art. The Hush range is perfect for first-timers or art collectors over time.

have a shop?

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