about us

On the surface, we’re a tattoo skincare line. At our core, we’re so much more.

We’re Creatives. We’re Collaborators. We’re Diverse. We’re Family.


We launched in 2009 with one product: Hush Gel. Designed specifically to limit discomfort during tattoo sessions, self-proclaimed tattoo purists gave us a ton of shit for not “earning” our body art. “Pain is part of the process,” they’d say.

Meanwhile, some of the best tattoo artists around noticed their clients sat longer and complained less about pain when they applied Hush Gel before a session. Others caught on and demand for Hush Gel grew.

We grew, too. In 2011, we introduced Hush Spray, an easy-to-apply anesthetic designed for immediate relief. That was followed by Hush Foam Soap with Hemp Extract, our latest product and first engineered for longterm tattoo aftercare.

In between product launches, we celebrate life. In the past few years, we’ve hosted live tattooing and street art events for Miami Art Week, combined music and body art at Rolling Loud, and showcased some of the best tattoo artists at one our pop-ups.

Together with our Pro Team artists, we reject the notion that tattoos have to hurt. They just need to look and feel great.