7 Tips to Experience Less Tattoo Pain

7 Tips to Experience Less Tattoo Pain

Oct 25, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

Getting yourself inked can hurt and, while we try our best to prepare for the tattoo pain that is to come in every session, we can never really tell just how much it hurts (or doesn’t hurt). However, it does not hurt to come prepared and, if you want your tattoo experience to be a memorable one, you might as well follow the following tips to make getting inked less painful.

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Be Well Rested

Some tattoos require a lot of energy especially if they are located at the most painful parts of the body (near bones and joints) and if the entire design is huge. The more rest that you get, the more energy you are able to store up, allowing you to sit through a tattoo session for a longer time. If you are too exhausted, you will less likely be able to endure a multi-hour session and it could be difficult for your endorphins and adrenaline to kick in.

Go on a Full Stomach

Getting yourself a full meal before a tattoo session is also recommended if you want to have the strength and stamina to endure the painful experience. Dieters, rejoice, because this is the time to go on a cheat day. Go for more glucose in your meals; tattoo sessions eat up a lot of calories so you would want to make sure that you have the right amount of energy to burn.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Getting yourself inked while you are drunk is a huge no-no. Why? Because alcohol and certain medications such as aspirin are blood thinners that will make you bleed more causing the artist a harder time to see what they are doing. Staying hydrated will also allow your skin to take in the ink more easily which will make the ink session a lot faster for everyone. Professional tattoo shops will most likely not allow you to get inked if you can’t stay up straight.

Take a Break

It helps to take a break during a tattoo session especially if the ink is being applied in sensitive areas or if you are placed in an awkward position. Use these breaks to refuel and recharge; try to eat some snacks such as a power bar while you are at it. However, keep the breaks at a minimum as it can increase the swelling and could interrupt the adrenaline buildup.

Mind Over Matter

Getting yourself in the zone is often easier said than done. You can do this by listening to your playlist or talking to someone while you are being inked. You might even want to do a quick Yoga prior to the session to clear off your mind from worries.

Use an Anesthetic Gel

If you think you can’t endure the pain even with all these tips, why not use an anesthetic numbing spray instead? When it comes to using a skin numbing anesthetic, be sure to go for one that is FDA approved and that your artist also knows about it. Of course, follow the directions carefully to ensure that the spray or gel does not hinder with the tattoo process.

Follow Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Don’t forget to listen to your artist carefully when it comes to aftercare. Keep it clean, protect it, and get it covered for the next few days. Also, ask what type of ointment you can apply to keep it free from infection. That’s it. These tips might not be able to fully take away the tattoo pain but it will surely make your experience a memorable one!

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