Best Products for Microblading

Best Products for Microblading

Jun 30, 2021 | brookline agency

The process of microblading can sound a little intimidating. Needles near your eye? Hundreds of pinpricks? A procedure with “blade” in the name of it?? But rest assured, this cosmetic procedure is not nearly as scary as it sounds. In fact, with the right preparation and the best products for microblading, there’s nothing to be wary of. Before you understand the best products for microblading, you’ll want to know how this procedure is performed, and what its goal is. Since microblading is a procedure that people tend to repeat every few months, it’s even more important to understand how it works and find products that you can trust to keep you comfortable each session.


Microblading is actually a form of tattooing, even though many people (even those who’ve had microblading done) may not realize that. During microblading, thin hairs are tattooed to replicate eyebrow hairs. For those with thinner eyebrows, light hair, or a lack of structure to their eyebrows, microblading can make a significant difference in the appearance of their face. Not only does microblading make your eyebrows look great, it makes them look great every single day from the moment you wake up. For those who spend a decent amount of time trying to tame or fill lackluster eyebrows, microblading is a game-changer.

Photo of a young woman getting her eyebrows micro-bladed

Even with the rave reviews, microblading gets, the process of getting a tattoo - especially one near your eye - can be daunting. That’s where the right products play a major role. It’s not only clients who love the best products for microblading, the people performing the procedures love them also. It’s much easier for them to do their work when they have a client who is calm, still, and comfortable. The best products for microblading have a few critical jobs:


If your first question about microblading is “how much will this hurt,” do not be embarrassed. It is truly one of the most frequently asked questions, and for good reason. When you’re having microblading performed, you’ll be much more comfortable if the area is numb. People who use the right numbing product report that microblading is an easy process to go through, with minor sensations like light scratching on their skin. HUSH Crème is made just for numbing the skin during cosmetic procedures like microblading. How does our crème numb the skin? When it’s absorbed, it temporarily stops your nerve endings from sending signals to your brain. In addition to numbing your skin, this crème reduces irritation and itchiness, which improves how you feel when you’re done with your session.


Right after microblading, it’s common to have redness in the area. When someone gets an arm tattoo, they have the leisure of being able to walk around with long sleeves for a few weeks while that redness goes away. When we’re talking about your face instead of your arm, though, things are not as easy. With microblading, it’s very hard to cover up your eyebrows during the healing process. Most people look as though they’ve gotten a sunburn around their eyebrows after they have microblading performed.

The best products for microblading can reduce redness, so you can not only feel better but help you look better as well. HUSH crème reduces redness that comes from microblading, which means our clients can feel more comfortable sporting their new eyebrows in public.

Permanent makeup, tattooing of eyebrows. Cosmetologist in white gloves applying make up with machine for woman in beauty salon


After microblading you’ll want to keep the area clean while it heals, just like you would with any tattoo. The best products for microblading can help you make sure you are cleaning the area gently but effectively. HUSH CBD foam soap is the best product after microblading is complete. This soap is made to protect the hundreds of tiny pinprick wounds in your skin by washing away blood and bacteria that can cause trouble during the healing process. Keeping the area clean lowers your risk of infection.

When you find products that numb your skin, reduce redness and irritation, and help keep the area clean after microblading, you will feel much more confident about having the procedure done. You can learn more about how our products help you prepare for microblading by visiting our website.

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