Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Feb 05, 2021 | brookline agency

The tattoo journey is more than simply finding the right design and the perfect artist to poke your skin. An amazing tattoo requires amazing aftercare to ensure proper healing, reduce redness, and limit irritation. Consider the following when choosing tattoo after products.

Why use a Tattoo Aftercare Product?

There are a few key reasons you’ll want to use tattoo aftercare products but none more important than to protect your art investment. The right tattoo aftercare products should work to clean surface bacteria and bits of dry blood and ink, critical since your skin is susceptible to infection anytime it’s been tattooed. The right product should also promote long-term color retention and reduce redness and irritation using key ingredients that are both safe for the body and safe for the art. If the product you’re considering checks these boxes, you’re in great shape. But what exactly should you be on the lookout for?

What are the Key Ingredients in the Best Tattoo Aftercare Products?

When you’re shopping for the best aftercare products for your tattoo, there are several ingredients experts recommend. We know that reading the back of a bottle isn’t the most exciting thing, but when you’re looking for the best aftercare products you’ll want to have some basic knowledge.

Aloe Leaf Extract

A plant that has been used for health purposes for centuries, aloe is an incredibly useful ingredient because it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Aloe is known for its ability to promote wound healing, help skin retain moisture, and support skin integrity.


A safe and effective ingredient that can relieve pain by anesthetizing the affected area artists. This is common in some Foam Soaps that are popular among tattoo artists.


You may be interested to learn that CBD is a particularly beneficial ingredient for tattoo aftercare products. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help while you’re healing. It also has some essential fatty acids that aid in reducing fine lines & wrinkles over time. This actually promotes long-term tattoo color retention. Hush Anesthetic produces one of the top CBD foam soaps on the market and were able to keep it completely epinephrine-free, vegan approved, and 100% cruelty-free.

How do I Choose the Best Tattoo Aftercare Product?

It can be tricky to choose the best tattoo aftercare products because flashy marketing doesn’t equate to a quality product. Remember that it’s important to understand what each tattoo aftercare product contains. And more importantly, make sure you know that it DOES NOT contain something like epinephrine, which can cause blood clots and increase heart rate. Also, think about the company behind the product. What’s their stance on animal testing or using animal byproducts? HUSH products are American-made, vegan, and absolutely never tested on animals. We’re proud of who we are, what we represent, and the products we make.

Woman Flexing Arm With a Tattoo on it

HUSH has some of the best tattoo aftercare products on the market. If you want to hear from real HUSH customers, check out our reviews page for honest opinions of HUSH tattoo aftercare products.

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