Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream, Why You Should Use It

Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream, Why You Should Use It

Feb 05, 2021 | brookline agency

Are you considering using a permanent makeup numbing cream? We think it’s a pretty straightforward decision once you know the facts, so today we’ll look at the process of permanent makeup procedures, and how numbing cream may help. We’ll also talk about any cons of permanent makeup numbing cream, and point you in the right direction for finding the best numbing cream for you.

Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream

Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo. A single needle, or cluster of tiny needles, prick your skin very quickly, thousands of times. The needles deposit very small droplets of ink into your skin. When this ink is placed in the right location, by the right expert, you’re left with a clean, customized application of makeup that doesn’t wash away. However, it is important to know that unlike traditional tattoos, permanent makeup will generally fade in a year or two because it is placed less deep in the skin.

Some of the popular types of permanent makeup are:

  1. Microblading. It’s likely you’ve heard about this trend which involves filling in and defining the eyebrows. While you may not have realized it, microblading is technically a tattoo!
  2. Eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner has been popular for decades. With a clean, dark line sweeping the eyelid, people love this time saving permanent makeup.
  3. Lip coloring. Not as popular as permanent eye makeup, lip blushing is still a staple of permanent makeup. One consideration when you’re looking for numbing cream: lip coloring is considered by many to be the most painful type of permanent makeup.

Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

A common question we hear is “Will it hurt to have a permanent makeup procedure?” Like a tattoo on any other part of your body, permanent makeup may be a bit uncomfortable. Even though permanent makeup doesn’t cover much skin, certain parts of the face can be especially sensitive. You’ll want your makeup to be applied with exacting detail, so the artist needs to go to ensure they capture your aesthetic goals. The lips are particularly sensitive and prone to discomfort. And it certainly doesn’t feel much better to have a needle pricking your eyelids or brow areas over and over. Thankfully, however, there are products that help reduce pain and discomfort substantially. Our favorite? Numbing Cream for Permanent Makeup & Beauty

Why You Should Use Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream

The pros of using permanent makeup numbing cream make using it a strong choice for almost anyone getting this cosmetic procedure done. The right numbing products reduce discomfort and can minimize redness and irritation. Using numbing cream can also make the process of getting your makeup done even easier. How? Being more comfortable allows you to stay calm and still during the procedure. This makes the application easier and more enjoyable for both you and the artist. Are there any cons to using permanent makeup numbing cream? This depends on the product and its ingredients. The wrong formula may be runny and slimy or even cause more harm than good. The right numbing cream, on the other hand, should feel light and soothing and should do more than simply numb. It should protect, too.

Choosing the Best Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream

HUSH makes a numbing cream that you can absolutely trust. HUSH Crème uses lidocaine and natural botanicals to provide pain relief as well as protection against redness and irritation during your procedure and long thereafter. HUSH Crème is loved by aestheticians and their clients because it allows for much more comfortable permanent makeup applications. Remember that ‘permanent’ makeup is truly only ‘semi-permanent’ which means you’ll likely be getting repeat applications every year or two. HUSH Crème means there’s no need to be wary of going under the needle when you want a touch up to your look. You can learn more about HUSH Crème here.

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