Celebrating the Badass Women in the Tattoo Industry

Celebrating the Badass Women in the Tattoo Industry

Mar 08, 2020 | Romina Angelelli

It’s no mystery that it’s been incredibly difficult for women to break into all industries, but in doing so we also take for granted what a significant role they’ve played in industries like ours. The tattoo industry is one that is difficult to break into regardless of gender. It is incredibly competitive and requires a high level of skill and talent. For female tattoo artists, there are plenty of factors that play a role in their work's exposure, especially in a male-dominated field.

Not very long ago, Maud Wagner, the first-known female tattoo artist in the US began to pave the way for women in the industry. Similarly, women across the world like Jessie Knight in the UK and Whang-od Oggay in the Philippines have continued to do the same. These women have not only proven that they can do the same work men can do... They've proven they can do it better!

Consequently, here at HUSH we’re constantly seeking ways to propel our female pro team artists and showcase their unbelievable work and talent. Lucky for us we have 5 extraordinary women in our pro team and are always looking to grow our team.

As women in the tattoo industry, you can only imagine the obstacles these artists have had to face in their careers. In fact, throughout history, women in all crafts have faced barriers. Nevertheless, history has consistently tried to erase their work and contributions.

This year, for International Women’s Day, we want to honor and showcase their work. Then you'll understand why these women kick ass YEAR-ROUND!

We encourage you to support female tattoo artists so that young women can see representation in all industries!