Cheating Pain: The Pros and Cons of Going for a Painless Tattoo

Cheating Pain: The Pros and Cons of Going for a Painless Tattoo

Sep 30, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

People used to have a prejudice against people covered in tattoos, generalizing them as criminals or simply as rebellious people. True, in the history books, men and women were covered in tattoos to symbolize their power and also their courage and strength, sometimes to show how many people have been killed with their hands.

However, in the modern times, inked people are no longer seen as barbaric people. Instead, they are regarded as creatives and people who are just simply looking to express themselves through this art form. Tattoo is not for everyone as it often entails pain – and perhaps, you may have been wondering yourself, should you go for a painless tattoo or experience the pain to complete the process?

Con #1: It will not let you experience the entire process

Part of the process of getting a tattoo is experiencing the pain of the needles sinking into your skin. Applying a topical numbing spray on your skin so you can skip pain might make the whole process feel incomplete.

Con #2: Society will not consider it as a legit experience

And because you have gone through an “incomplete” experience, it is highly likely that you will be at the receiving end of judgmental stares. When you share stories with other inked people, it might get harder to relate with others since you have not really gone through the same thing as they did, after using a topical anesthetic gel.

Con #3: You will associate tattooing as a painful, better-avoid-it experience

No one wants to associate what is supposed to be a memorable experience with a painful one. If you have had a very painful process of getting inked, you will probably dread your next tattoo session or, worse, avoid it for the rest of your life. But, just because you used a pain relieving gel on your tattoo does not mean that you are not equally “strong and brave” as the others. In fact, there are still some pros to going for this route.

Pro #1: You get to focus on the outcome

Some people get tattoos for creative purposes and not because pain is therapy to them. If you would rather want to focus on the end product – a beautiful design that has been permanently inked into your skin – using a topical spray anesthetic might be something worth trying.

Pro #2: You can get as many as you want

When you just feel numb the entire time, you will never get to feel the pain that others do which could mean that you might get as many tattoos on your body as you want (one after another or as one huge design) without fear.

Pro #3: It will turn into a happy and memorable experience

Through the use of a topical anesthetic, you do not have to think about the pain of getting inked, the whole process will most likely become a happy memory to you. This will lead to more inks in the future and you will probably invite more people to do the same.

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