Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media

Mar 04, 2018 | Romina Angelelli

Over the last few months we’ve received all sorts of questions on social media. We thought what better way to address them than through our blog, where everyone can access the answers in one place. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions which you may or may not have been wondering yourself. Here we go!

1. How can we get an appointment?

The answer to this one is pretty simple and quite unfortunate and that is... we are not artists. We are simply HUSH and as much as we would love to meet all of you we wouldn’t be able to supply you with a sick tattoo. We leave that to the professionals AKA our kickass HUSH Pro Team. Their work is showcased all over our site and our social media so we can see why you may think we’re artists ourselves. You can visit our Pro Team page to learn more about these amazingly talented artists and how to best reach them!

2. Where are you guys located?

MIAMI!!! “All night, on the beach till the break of dawn” as Will Smith so clearly pointed out. We’re a Miami grown company catering to tattoo artists and fans worldwide. We ship HUSH all over the world in hopes of creating a great tattoo experience for artists and clients alike.

3. Do you guys have samples?

As much as we would love to share our product with the world by way of samples we are still a small company and samples require a lot more planning and production than we can handle at the moment. Luckily, we have created an affordable product that can be found in a few different shapes and sizes and we truly hope what we have available will work for you.

4. What does HUSH do and what is it?

Well, HUSH is all about creating the best experience possible as we mentioned earlier. We have created 3 products with that in mind. The HUSH gel (the OG) is all about prepping the area prior to your session. It is applied before the skin is penetrated in efforts of numbing and prepping the area for a more pleasurable experience by alleviating redness and reducing skin irritation that can usually occur during the tattoo process. Our products are especially useful during those long, arduous sessions on your artist’s chair. Using HUSH gel will not only benefit the client, but it will also make for a better more relaxed canvas for the artist. Aside from the original HUSH gel we currently have two more products: the spray and the famous HUSH foam soap. Although often overlooked, our spray is incredibly helpful for those long sessions. Once you’ve broken the skin and gel can no longer be applied the spray can be used to prolong the gel’s effect and maintain a relatively numb area. The spray can also be used on its own, but of course we recommend the trifecta! The HUSH foam soap (famously known for its entrancing reveal) is used to disinfect and remove any impurities after the work is done without damaging the artwork (many artists will utilize the soap throughout the process or in between sessions to maintain a clean area). The soap is often used for aftercare as well as it will keep the area clean and make for a more pleasant experience.

5. What’s in HUSH?

First off we will start by letting you know all HUSH products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and we’re incredibly proud of it! All HUSH products contain our proprietary blend of botanicals (top secret recipe) and are made up of 4% lidocaine, which is the maximum amount of local anesthetic allowed by the FDA.

6. Will HUSH cause discoloration or damage the work?

The answer to this one is absolutely not! HUSH does not alter the skin in any way and does not affect its normal ability to absorb the ink. Other products containing chemicals like epinephrine and/or parabens may affect the skin’s chemical composition and cause damage but not our products! Our blend of botanicals will soothe and nurture the skin. Hopefully we’ve addressed all if not most of the questions you had in mind but in case we didn’t feel free to send us an email or a Facebook message and we will happily compile any questions for a part 2! We leave you with this mesmerizing video of one of HUSH Pro Team artist Jon Mesa’s magical HUSH Foam Soap reveals from last year’s Empire State Tattoo Expo.

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