Hush at Musink Fest

Hush at Musink Fest

Mar 22, 2017 | Arleys Resco

Last year we were fortunate enough to send one of our lucky followers to Musink Fest.

This year however we had the opportunity to join in on the fun for the event's 10th anniversary. The Costa Mesa festival is an annual music & arts festival. Here two of our favorite worlds collide, there are musical headliners and talented tattoo artists. Both under one roof and it equates to a phenomenal experience.

We had the pleasure of hosting three of our Hush Pro Team artists and one guest artist at our booth. It was a unique atmosphere and we were able to see some amazing works of art.

Tattoo conventions and events are always different, but there’s something about Musink and everyone’s appreciation for the arts that makes it such an amazing experience.

Conventions like these are great at bringing people together as well as exposing people to the beautiful work tattoo artists are capable of. What is unique about these events is also the idea that you can walk around and witness some of these tattoos being worked on from beginning to end. There is always something intriguing about discovering the end result and often finds you will notice those people who make rounds just so they can check out how the tattoo is turning out. It is cool to see people crowding around to appreciate an artists work and that’s something that can usually only happen at events like this. Generally tattoos are a private event for the artist the client and maybe a couple of friends or family, but at events like Musink it is quite easy to build a crowd.

The artists joining us all come from different backgrounds and have their own unique styles which is cool to see. We’re lucky to have opportunities like these. Opportunities in which, artists get to share their talents and people get a chance to have unique pieces by their favorite artists. Musink Fest was one for the books, an amazing experience we’re lucky to have been a part of. We had the pleasure of witnessing some amazing work in the making and we’re eager to be back on the West Coast come next year. For now we’ll be enjoying the Miami weather until the next event rolls around. We hope to see you all out there!

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