Miniature tattoos: Should you get one?

Miniature tattoos: Should you get one?

Apr 03, 2017 | Romina Angelelli

Miniature tattoos are all the rage these days. Some may wonder what the point is if at times they are so small no one will see, but proud owners of these tattoos would say otherwise. Not only are the aesthetically appealing but they are all about the person sporting them. These tiny tattoos are usually a reminder for those sporting them and these pieces have gotten as detailed as full blown tattoos. Many artists nowadays are specializing on this kind of work and they're able to make intricate work within small constraints. We've put together a short pros and cons list to decide whether miniature tattoos are right for you!


1. These tattoos can be placed just about anywhere because they don't require a big space to shine. 2. They are easy to hide if needed. Let's say you choose to get one of these small tattoos on a usually visible area... chances are you'll have an easier time concealing your tattoo if need be (job interview, wedding, etc...).

3. Having small tattoos allow for the opportunity to add more! If you choose to get a few small pieces it's easier to find yourself collecting miniature tattoos in that area. Usually people start small and eventually find themselves with a full sleeve. 4. You will probably gets lots of compliments on your new tattoo. 5. Lastly, a picture is worth a thousand words no matter how small!


1. First, you're a member of the bigger is better team. If you've got it flaunt it. You'd rather have a large tattoo that everyone can see without a microscope.

2. Although there's artists that specialize on miniature tattoos there are many more that do amazing work at full scale and you would rather have a larger pool of artists to pick from.

3. Miniature tattoos are usually placed in areas that see a lot of friction and that means more touch-ups over time.

4. Because these tattoos are usually visible you'll find yourself explaining the meaning of the piece much more often. For those who love to talk this may be a pro but eventually you'll dread repeating yourself.

5. If you're getting a tattoo you want to be traditional and go all out! You don't want to waste your time and money on a minuscule piece. Whether your team miniature or not you have to admit tattoos are a beautiful art that allow for endless self expression. Don't judge others based on the size of their tattoos because you never know you may change your mind!

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