What's Trending: Tattoo Edition

What's Trending: Tattoo Edition

Apr 21, 2017 | Arleys Resco

Trends come and go and that's common in every industry. Fashion is one of those ever-changing industries with least permanence, but the tattoos have an everlasting quality. We may be able to clean out our closets, but our tattoos are a testament of the time. Our pieces have a lot to do with where we were in our lives at the time as well as the current tattoo trends. The following is a short list of tattoo trends we’ve noticed reaching all time highs lately: Head Tattoos To many head tattoos may seem risqué but they are becoming more and more popular especially with artists like these completing incredible pieces for their daring clients.

Geometric/ Blackwork tattoos There seems to be a heightened interest around minimalistic tendencies and geometric tattoos seem to be all the rage for those crowds. There are some incredible geometric and blackwork pieces being created by talented artists so its no wonder why they’ve become so popular.

Massive Back Pieces In this case, bigger is definitely better. Allowing artists to take advantage of such a large “canvas” allows them to truly execute their best work. We have seen some amazing back pieces in the last couple years and we can tell collectors are inspired to take the plunge.

Hand Tattoos Given their increased visibility these hand pieces hold some of the best real estate on your body. If you want a sick piece everyone will see this may be the place to put it. Although very boney and likely painful, hand tattoos have become one of the more popular tattoo trends as of late.

Whether you're into these trends or not you have to admit these are some sick works of art! Can't help but wonder what everyone will be into next year!

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