8 Neck Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

8 Neck Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

Mar 06, 2024 | Bridget Reed

Your neck is literally right below your face. Your neck tattoo will always be on display, so you better make sure it’s a great one or move to a climate where turtleneck sweaters can become part of your daily wardrobe. 

If you’re toying with the idea of a neck tattoo and you need a little inspiration, we have a few kick-ass neck tattoo ideas for you. And BONUS: we also have a way to make your neck tattoo hurt a lot less!

Think Before You Ink Your Neck

We love neck tattoos. Many members of the HUSH community have badass neck tattoos. They’ll always have the seal of approval from us, but you need to be sure they have a seal of approval from you

Most people wait to get a neck tattoo until after they’ve gotten several tattoos in obvious places. If you’re considering a big, noticeable neck tattoo, consider it carefully.

If you’re going for something dainty behind your hair or at the nape of your neck, you’ll be less likely to feel wishy-washy. These types of tattoos can easily be disguised by wearing your hair down. If you need to switch into corporate mode (or spare yourself a lecture from grandma), just skip the ponytail. 

1. Small Constellations

Constellation tattoos look a lot like jewelry. They’re dainty and pretty, and they hold a deep meaning. Every constellation has its own place in mythology. Zodiac signs are derived from constellations, so you can use a constellation to represent the sun sign of someone you love. 

Classy constellation tattoos look great behind the ear or along the hairline. You can use simple dots, cute star shapes, or realistic-looking orb stars, depending on the size you’re aiming for. Your artist will let you know what will work best in your designated spot.

2. Throat Patterns

Throat Patterns

If you want a neck tattoo that really makes a statement, a pattern tattoo that fills your whole throat will really fit the bill. Honeycombs, spirals, and sacred geometry can fill the space. Throat tattoos should be shaped and designed to accentuate your anatomy. 

A great throat tattoo can make a femme look more graceful and a masc look more chiseled. It’s way less expensive and significantly less invasive than a “sculpting” procedure, and the art becomes a conversation piece.

3. Cursive Script on the Back of Your Neck

Cursive Script on the Back of Neck

Cursive script on the back of the neck or along the hairline has become a wildly popular tattoo trend among celebrities. Cursive script tattoos of meaningful words, phrases, or names allow you to emphasize the importance of someone or something. 

Placing them around your hairline or on the back of your neck allows you to choose where and when you want to share them with the world. 

4. Scene Stripes

One of the newest trends in neck tattoos is scene stripes. Think of them like small bookmarks made out of a larger picture, scene, or painting. 

A narrow stripe down the side of your neck can display a piece of your favorite painting or a stripe of your favorite place. The limited frame also leaves room for creativity. Selecting a single slice of an artwork allows you to showcase the part you adore most.

Bonus points: if you’re considering matching tattoos with one or more people you love, you can each get a slice of the same photo or painting from a memory or interest you share!

5. Collar Tattoos

Symmetrical tattoos at the base of your neck rest where the collar of a button-up shirt would be. They accentuate the body like a necklace, but they’re a far more permanent statement. Symmetrical floral or leaf pieces can accentuate your shoulders, clavicles, and the length of your neck. 

Collar tattoos are also in an excellent place to transition into other tattoos. Your artist can create a design that crawls up your neck and travels down your arm. If you have a general theme for your body art, a collar tattoo can be the missing link you never knew you needed.

6. Necklace Pendant Tattoo

Ring tattoos are rising in popularity, and necklace tattoos are the next logical step. Getting a tattoo at the base of your neck where the pendant of a necklace would sit acts like a permanent piece of jewelry. 

Go for a design, crystal, or gemstone that means something special to you. If you have an important piece of family jewelry, like your grandmother’s heirloom locket, you can replicate it with a tattoo and carry it with you forever. 

7. Spiritual Symbolism

Spiritual Symbolism

The spiritual belief that the throat chakra represents expression and speaking the truth makes the neck a sacred part of the body. The front of the throat and the back of the neck are prime spots for spiritual tattoos, like lotus flowers or mandalas. Symbolic art that represents tranquility can send the message that making peace with your inner self is the key to happiness.

8. Spine Trail Tattoo

Your spine starts at your tailbone and ends at the base of your neck. This is prime space for a gorgeous flower vine, a cherry blossom tree, a traditional Japanese dragon, or a long line of text. 

It’s the largest piece of vertical tattoo real estate you have on your body. If you have a back piece on your agenda, consider saving your neck for full integration. You’d be surprised at what a skilled tattoo artist can do when you give them a giant canvas.

Don’t Neck Tattoos Hurt?

If the idea of getting a tattoo on your neck makes you grimace, you probably have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. The skin on your neck is very sensitive, and there’s not a lot of fatty tissue between your skin and your muscles. It’s going to hurt, but it doesn’t need to. 

Our HUSH tattoo aftercare kit has everything you need to make your neck tattoo as breezy as possible. The supreme numbing power of lidocaine combines with soothing botanicals like CBD to dull the sensation and soothe irritation, keeping you comfy and helping you heal.

We have your back — or, in this case, your neck.


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