Tattoo Aftercare: Tips, Products, Essentials and More

Tattoo Aftercare: Tips, Products, Essentials and More

Oct 19, 2015 | Arleys Resco

Gabe Tattoos from No Idols NYC working on back tattoo

You've just undergone an incredible journey. You've stalk our Instagram for inspiration, searched for the best tattoo artist, and walked out of the studio with a masterpiece inked. So, what's next? Aftercare!

To keep your tattoos as vibrant and colorful as the first day and prevent tattoo pain after your session, an effective tattoo aftercare routine must be implemented.

Here are some tips to keep you going.

  • Avoid removing your bandage before the 3 hour mark
    Your bandage keeps dust, dirt and bacteria from infecting your skin. It will soak blood, ink, excess skin numbing anesthetic, and helps keeps the colors from soiling your clothes.
  • Keep your tattoo clean by washing it with soap
    Your non-scented soap will sanitize, disinfect and hasten the healing process. It’ll wash away all the any left over product that was not earlier absorbed by your bandage or tattoo cover.
  • As much as possible, keep your tattoo away from contact
    Avoid any unnecessary friction or pressure on your skin. Try to wear clothes that won't rub against your skin and don't sleep directly on it.
  • Protect your skin from extreme heat and wetness
    Keep your showers short and warm to avoid burning your skin with hot water. If possible, avoid pools, beaches, tubs, or activities that would lead to excessive sweating during the first 2 to 3 weeks your tattoo.
  • Mind your fingers
    Though it may be tempting to pick scabbing layers or scratch your skin, to prevent any damage keep your hands off of your tattoo.
  • Keep your skin protected
    Extreme sun exposure will damage your tattoo, but if you are headed outdoors apply sunscreen until your tattoo has fully healed.
  • Keep your skin hydrated
    Moisturize your skin with a lotion every day to keep colors bold and vibrant, dry skin will fade your tattoo faster.

To keep your tattoos looking fresh, just by following these tips.

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