The Pain Relief Products That Will Ease Your Tattoo Experience

The Pain Relief Products That Will Ease Your Tattoo Experience

Nov 30, 2015 | Arleys Resco

No pain, no gain is no longer a standard maxim. For some, pain can often be a deciding factor when deciding to get your first tattoo or another one to add to your collection. Thankfully, HUSH has designed a line up of products to ease your tattoo experience pain before, during and after a session.

HUSH Numbing Gel

Apply a good amount of gel to desired area an hour before your session begins to allow the product to sink into your skin and reach pain receptors. Its jellylike substance will help keep your skin from developing redness or irritation for up to 2 hours without reapplication.

HUSH Numbing Spray

Need something during your session? You're in luck. The spray works immediately upon skin contact, making it a perfect product in staying pain free while your artist works on your tattoo.

HUSH Foam Soap

The soap works as the last step of the process. It's soothing foam helps hasten the recovery process and keeps skin from being infected.

It will give you cool and calming effect once it is applied, perfect after a long session.

These three products to work together to make your tattoo experience as seamless and free you from any possible discomfort. With products such as HUSH, which have been specifically designed to ease your tattoo experience.

Painless is the best way! So relax, let the art happen.

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