Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoo Ideas for Women

Feb 08, 2022 | Grow_SEO Account

Like we said in our post about tattoo ideas for men, any tattoo can be for anyone of any gender. But, you have to admit — some tattoos are inherently more feminine or cutesy than others, not to mention you probably Googled something similar to the title of this article, soooo… without further ado, let’s talk tattoo ideas for women.

How Should You Choose a Tattoo Artist?

If you are looking for a tattoo design to bring to an artist, there are a couple of things to consider. First, consider how you’d like the tattoo to look style-wise. Minimal? Maximal? Fine lines? Traditional or contemporary? Then, find an artist that fits that style. You might like an artist's style overall but they may not be the best for a specific tattoo you’re looking to get. Make sure the artist you bring your idea to matches the style you want for your design.

What Are Some Good Feminine Tattoo Ideas?

We’ve compiled a list of possible ideas to jump-start your creative brain on what kind of tattoo you want. As always, just remember that some symbols, words, and icons are sacred and very meaningful to some cultures, so if you’re borrowing that for your tattoo, do it respectfully.


Butterflies symbolize rebirth, growth, and transformation. These beautiful creatures go through physical metamorphosis; experiencing immense change. They morph their old forms into new ones which can be quite symbolic to the human process as well, not to mention butterfly tattoos work perfectly as both small tattoos and larger pieces.

Inspirational Text

Inspirational words can come in many forms. A word or phrase can be a personal mantra for a long time. You might have something you always say or remind yourself when you come to face tough times. A forever-reminder of inspirational words makes for a great tattoo. A line from a song, a phrase a family member always said to you, a quote from a role model, and the list goes on. Phrases make for perfect wrist tattoos, but they also look great on the upper arm, upper thigh, or collarbone. You can even incorporate unique fonts and shading to your new quote tattoo.


Serpents represent fertility, regeneration, and transformation. Serpents and snakes have gotten a bad rep over the years because of terms like “snake” (like a sus person), but they hold a lot of different meanings in many different cultures. Some see them as the “umbilical cord” between Mother Earth and all humans. They are also a symbol of regeneration and transformation represented by their frequent shedding. There are quite a few historical women from cultural folklore that had snakes as their familiars.


The moon is an incredibly powerful symbol of the divine feminine, and it makes for beautiful tattoos. Besides the whole “gravitational pull” thing, it also is a representative of the passage of time. It is viewed in opposition to the sun, but even alone it has its own “dark” and “light” sides. In many cultures, plant medicine rituals happen strictly under the watch of the moon. The moon’s many cycles are visible to this planet and others. It is a source of power and a reminder of life’s many cycles, and moon tattoos can be a great way to stay present.

The Five Elements

A belief system posed by the Greeks says that there are five elements the entire world is made of. Four of which are physical, and the fifth is Spirit.


Earth symbolizes stability, fertility, and regeneration. Earth is the slowest moving and most stable element. It also breeds life and regenerates when it’s damaged. It’s a comforting presence, especially in juxtaposition to the other more unstable elements. Earth is the reminder to take time to appreciate moments of slowness and stillness.


Water symbolizes impermanence, emotion, and the deep unconscious. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and so is the earth. We are born in a womb of water. Like air, water is a force that changes constantly, though it is more powerful than air as it has a stronger physical presence. You can choose to fight against the waves or let them take you.


Fire is symbolic of creativity, transformation, and light. It can consume and destroy something entirely, and then create room for something new to grow. It can keep the darkness at bay. It is the life-fuel of the earth. Churning away at our core, we can choose to feed our fire or let it go out.


Air is symbolic of intelligence, change, and surprise. The air itself cannot be seen, it is seen by the objects it affects. It is everywhere. Like water, it changes without notice. It can be a delicate or heavy-handed force.


Spirit is “the fifth element” and represents the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. It connects the body and the soul. This is where you and whatever higher power you believe in fits into the equation.

Celtic Symbols

Celtic symbols are from the Celts, which were a people that used to dominate Western Europe. The heritage is still carried on today by many Irish people. Celtic symbols are a form of knots and twists in differing shapes. Each shape has a specific history and meaning. Take a look, there is bound to be a symbol or two you’re familiar with.


Runes are an ancient writing system developed by the Norse and Germanic people. Each rune has a name, a literal meaning, and a magical meaning. Runes were also used to cast spells. Typically carved into something rather than drawn with ink, runes were part of important rituals and can be representative of ideas like commitment, bonding, bravery, and so on.

Spiritual Energy Symbols

A lot of Eastern philosophies and religions use symbols to represent powerful concepts. Like the Om symbol from Hinduism, which represents the “breath of the universe.” There is the Hamsa which wards off evil and is also a symbol of the “ultimate reality.” The Hamsa stems from Islam and Judaism. The Mandala represents the journey of one’s self. Mandalas can be like snowflakes, each one is special. The Evil Eye is a symbol worn to scare off ill will from others. Spiritual energy symbols can be done in the fine line style for a more delicate tattoo, and popular placements for these symbols include the upper or lower back as well as the ribs. Again, a lot of these are very sacred symbols for some religions and cultures, so move forward with this tattoo tastefully.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the interconnectedness of everything. Geometric shapes make up patterns that we see in the most microscopic particles to the biggest cosmos. There is a lot to learn about sacred geometry so if you like the look of it, it’s worth going down the rabbit hole to figure out which configuration of shapes means the most to you.

Tree of Life

The tree of life represents growth, uniqueness, knowledge, and strength. In different cultures, there are different visualizations and meanings of the tree of life. The tree connects the physical world to the spiritual world. When you turn a tree upside down it looks similar to how its roots would look. This metaphor is also played within visualizations and interpretations of the tree of life.


Tarot cards were originally used for playing card games but later developed divination uses. Today, it’s quite common to have your tarot cards read to get a glimpse into your possible future. Every card has a specific meaning and comes with ideas for self-reflection. If you’re familiar with tarot, then you know there is sure to be a card that resonates with you. The drawings and artwork themselves on these cards are beautiful enough on their own to inspire a tattoo.


Flowers and femininity have a long history. From using flowers to honor women to flowers representing that extra feminine part of the body – flower power lives on, and a flower tattoo design can make for some stunning ink. Every flower has a different symbolic meaning. You could also think about getting the favorite flower of a loved one or even your own flower of choice. A sunflower tattoo, lotus flower tattoo, rose tattoo, or other beautiful flower all make great choices. Flower tattoos look extra flattering as back tattoos, ankle tattoos, on the outer forearm, on the rib cage, or the collar bone.


The seven chakras are the main energy centers in the body, and are some of the most popular tattoo designs. Each represents something different. From top to bottom, they are Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. They cover everything from groundedness to compassion for yourself and others, to connecting to the bigger picture. Whether you want them as a tattoo or not, chakras are a great modality to explore for self-expression in general.


Sword tattoos represent courage and protection. You can surround your sword with banners of words or names or maybe add flowers around to show the duality of man. Swords can also represent precision and discipline. It takes time to learn how to properly wield a sword and choose how you use it. This can be a metaphor for mental agility as well, and a few ornate details on the handle can make it as feminine as you want.

Inking It

Now that you have some inspiration and maybe the beginning of an idea – you have to decide where you want that tattoo and how big. Getting a meaningful tattoo can be super exciting, and we want you to completely enjoy that experience without the pain. HUSH has you covered with our collection of tattoo anesthetics, plus our nourishing CBD healing balm, so what are you waiting for? Go get it, girl! Sources: Scorpion Symbolism | Symbolism and Metaphor Snake Symbolism, Snake Meaning & the Snake Spirit Animal | UniGuide The Five Element Symbols of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit | Learn Religions Runes - Norse Mythology for Smart People | Norse Mythology 5 things to know about Om | Hindu American Foundation Introduction | The Geometry Code A Beginner's Guide To The 7 Chakras + How To Unblock Them | Mind Body Green

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