Tattoo Season AKA Winter is coming!

Tattoo Season AKA Winter is coming!

Nov 30, 2018 | Romina Angelelli

It’s Tattoo season! You heard that right… Tattoo season. Winter is the absolute best season to get a tattoo. Why you ask? We'll give you the top 5 reasons you should get inked in the winter!

Jon Snow by Alejandro Salas


Sweat can be a pest for fresh ink and the last thing you want is sweat to meddle with you new piece. The cool weather will not only keep the area clean and fresh, but will also help expedite the healing process.


Unless you live in Florida like us, you probably won’t have very many Winter pool parties. Pool and beach water are enemy #1 to tattoos as the chemicals and salinity can aggravate the tattooed area. Always remember that new tattoos are like fresh wounds and you don’t want any germs or hazardous chemicals to affect the area.


One key to keeping your fresh tattoo in the best possible shape is by avoiding sunlight. Getting a tattoo during the Winter makes that much easier. Your more likely to stay covered up and the heat of the summer months will be a worry of the past.


In case you’re hiding your new tattoo which is possible if you have disapproving parents or friends, sweater weather will make it easier to hide. This way you can tell them when you’re ready or never?! Hopefully your proud of your new ink and if so you’ll be working to hide the peeling which winter can also help you do!


One of the best reasons why winter is a great time to get a tattoo is because this means your tattoo will be completely healed and ready to show off by summer!

So if you don't have a session planned yet, then plan one ASAP because 'Winter is Coming'! You can rest assured you've chosen the perfect season!

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