Tattoo Session Prep

Tattoo Session Prep

May 27, 2017 | Arleys Resco

Getting a tattoo does not come as nature to everyone. Some of us have experience and are hoping to add to our collection while others are first-timers with limited knowledge of the process. Some of us can go with the flow and don’t need much preparation while others love to plan. If you’re one of the planners then you will find the process of preparing for a tattoo quite enjoyable. So although everyone has a different process there are some basics steps we should all try to take to guarantee the best results.

1. Do your research! Chances are if you’re reading this you’re already taking the first step. You’re curious as to what your first steps should be and we’re here to help!

2. Find an artist - At Hush we take our art very seriously and that is why we have put this reason towards the top of our list. Depending on your budget and location you should be able to find an artist with the necessary availability. You should take sometime to look through their work to decide whether that’s really what you are looking for. There are so many amazing tattoo artists out there finding the right one won’t be too hard.

3. Be mindful of timing. - Getting ink near the summer may not be the best idea. If you’re an avid beach or pool-goer, or if you’re planning a sunny vacation you may want to plan your tattoo around that. After all your tattoo needs time to heal.

4. Make a choice you are truly committed to. - If you’ve already done this planning and research then you want to make sure the piece you’re getting is one you truly want.

5. Don’t drink heavily! - Sure you’ve heard plenty of stories about people getting drunk tattoos but don’t let that be you. Truth is drinking will thin your blood which can affect the outcome of your tattoo and thats definitely not something you would want to risk. 6. Prepare to get real close and personal with your artist! - Lastly, be ready for the session with your artist. Drink lots of healthy fluids and make sure you’re ready to sit through a long session. If you choose to use Hush make sure you’ve talked to your artist and have all the products ready to use. Now you’re ready for that new tattoo! Good luck!

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