Scared of tattoo pain? These are the 10  most painful places to get a tattoo

Scared of tattoo pain? These are the 10 most painful places to get a tattoo

Dec 25, 2015 | Arleys Resco

It's only natural to feel pain during a tattoo session, but some places are more painful than others. Pain is our body's way of protecting us from imminent harm. But there are some body parts that have a thinner layer of skin and contain a more pain receptors than others.

Tattoo pain is oh so real in the following body parts:

  • Head

Because most parts of your head are very thin layers of skin, fat, muscles, it can be an extremely painful location for a tattoo. Not to mention the fact the process is happening inches away from your ear, it could make for an unbearable tattoo.

Work by @sabrinanolantattoos

  • Face

    If you're a pain junkie, you'd still find that having a tattoo in your eyelid or lips is one of the most painful due to the thin layers of skin. Work by @tatu_panda
  • Sternum

    Depending on how much muscle or fat you carry in that area, getting tattooed on your sternum can hurt, especially for thinner people. If you're planning on a getting a big chest piece done, it's recommended to begin inward and go outward, to get over the most painful part first. Work by @kodiellistattoos
  • Rib Cage & Stomach

    The rib cage, just like the head, has a thin layer of skin, fat, and muscles. Meanwhile, the stomach is more vulnerable because it doesn't have a group of bones covering it. Work by @xtrophytattoos
  • Elbow

    Just try bumping your elbow hard on a table or door and you'll understand why it is very painful to have it inked. Work by @laurent_z_tattoo
  • Hand

    A lot of people have joined the bandwagon for trendy hand tattoos. Oh well, try having it on your palm. It has no hair and very sensitive even to touch. Work by @legion_avegno
  • Buttocks

    Your glamorous bum may look beautiful with a painting of Michelangelo on it but I’m pretty sure the entire process was very uncomfortable. Work by @laurent_z_tattoo
  • Knee & Inner Thigh

    Although your knee itself doesn’t have a nerve, the connective tissues and bones surrounding it do, making it one of the most painful places to get tattooed. Work by @samclarktattoos
  • Ankle/Foot

    Lastly, Ankles are bony and filled with nerves. Hit any one of them and you’re sure to feel pain that’s going to affect your sense of motion and balance! Just like your ankles, your feet are also bony it carries our entire body’s weight. Not to mention that every major nerve on our body ends at the extremities. Work by @ms.t_____

How to Lessen Tattoo Pain

HUSH Anesthetic is specially-formulated with lidocaine to decrease the sensation of pain on specific parts of the body. When applied directly to skin, the numbness can be felt almost immediately.

Numbing Gel

First, apply HUSH numbing gel an hour before the needle touches the skin. Lidocaine is dispersed to the skin through a jellylike substance. Its tattoo anesthetic effect can last for about 2 hours or more!

Numbing Spray for Tattoo

After that, similar to the numbing gel, HUSH numbing spray carries lidocaine. This time it is dispersed through mists or droplets. It's best used in conjunction with the gel in keeping your skin numb.

Pain Relieving Ointment

In conclusion, once the session is over, pain will likely still be present. Your fresh wound is more likely to have an infection. Therefore, proper care with HUSH Foam Soap is crucial. Apply directly onto skin after your session, to sanitize and disinfect.