What is Permanent Makeup (PMU) and How Can Hush Crème Help?

What is Permanent Makeup (PMU) and How Can Hush Crème Help?

Sep 02, 2020 | Romina Angelelli

Nikki Rice prepping for a permanent makeup session (@MotherofBlades)
Nikki Rice AKA @MotherofBlades at her studio.

Chances are you've heard of permanent makeup before, but just in case you haven't... we've got you covered.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup (PMU) is a modern, safe and natural-looking alternative to your daily makeup routine. If you are looking to save time daily on the application and reapplication of makeup throughout the day then PMU is for you.

There’s nothing like waking up and avoiding additional time in the bathroom. Luckily PMU provides a great option for those willing to go under the needle.

Sounds painful right? Well thats what we’re here for. Our latest project, Hush Crème, is the best solution for that uncomfortable permanent makeup pain.

We put our 10 years of tattoo pain management to good use and developed a product specifically for cosmetic procedures like PMU.

Types of Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup - microblading by Nikki Rice (@MotherofBlades)
Work by Nikki Rice (@MotherofBlades)

Permanent makeup has many names: PMU, permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation and the list surely goes on and on, but what can PMU offer you?

  • Eyebrows (microblading and powder brow) - so your brows are always on fleek!
  • Eyes (eyeliner) - smudge-free eyeliner... 'nuff said.
  • Lips (lip-shading) - Full defined lips without the injections.
  • Freckles - yes, freckles.
  • and more!
Permanent Makeup - Lip blush PMU by Nikki Rice (@MotherofBlades)
Work by Nikki Rice (@MotherofBlades)

How to Use Our Hush Crème

1. Prepare your skin (or have your beauty professional/aesthetician do this for you) by cleaning off any makeup and then using a bit of alcohol to prep the skin.

2. Apply a thick layer of Hush Crème to the area with a disposable brush or cotton swab.

3. Wrap in cellophane and set a 20-25 minute timer to allow the skin to absorb the lidocaine and botanicals.

4. Sit and relax until the timer goes off!

5. You're ready for your session.

Our Hush Crème is gentle on the skin and will help make your next PMU session virtually painless. Just relax and let the beauty happen!

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