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Is it Spring yet?

After a very long winter (thanks, groundhog), Spring has finally arrived! Color is being reintroduced into our lives and we’re getting inspired.

It is truly amazing how many beautiful colors can be found in nature and thanks to new technologies in our industry, color is more vivid than ever in our tattoos. We are no longer limited by the ink of the past. You can now get just about any color on your next piece, but of course keep in mind some may fade faster than others.

Take a look at our new Spring Tattoo Inspo board on Pinterest for some inspiration. We will continue adding to the board throughout the season.

With Spring finally here and Summer around the corner it is also important to keep any new ink in the dark until it has fully healed. You want to avoid exposing the newly tattooed area to too much sunlight, while also making sure to keep the area fresh and clean (of course, we recommend using HUSH Foam Soap).

For tips on how to keep your tattoos in tip top shape during these upcoming seasons here is one of our past blogs which includes some amazing tips!