How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Design for You?

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Design for You?

Sep 15, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

Whether it is your first or fifth time to get a tattoo, choosing the perfect design can still be a painstaking process. While some people might get themselves inked just for the tattoo pain, they might also get it is a form of self expression. As such, it should be something that should be thought of very carefully.

So, how do you make sure that you get the best tattoo design that you will not regret for the rest of your life?

Look for inspiration

The Internet is full of many inspirations from artists and other people who have had themselves inked. You have the option to either copy their designs or combine multiple designs into one that you can truly call your own. Basically, your imagination is the limit here!

Go for one that suits your personality

Looking for design inspiration can be overwhelming so it is always best to go for one that your heart truly desires. Try to avoid getting yourself inked with designs that are trending because they can easily go out of style and you will soon lose interest. Getting rid of a tattoo is not the easiest process to undertake.

Consult other people

Sometimes, we can get too blinded by the excitement of the moment that it is nice to get a second opinion from other people. Make sure to talk to someone whom you trust and can really give an honest opinion about your choices. Tattoo artists can also give you an idea on what designs will suit you based on your skin type and the location of the tattoo.

Consider the complexity

Surely, you do not want your first tattoo experience to be a traumatic one. Go for simpler designs but, if you really want, you can also choose more intricate ones. However, you need to make sure that your artist can do it. You also have to be sure that you have the pain tolerance for it or, to help numb skin, you can also use a topical anesthetic spray or pain relieving cream to do the job.

Give it some time

Just like any other major (or minor) decision, it takes time to come up with the best choice. If you cannot decide on just one, among a sea of choices, or are having second thoughts about just one design, it might be best to take a step back and revisit your choices after a few days, weeks or even months. You'll be surprised at how much your initial design changes until you come up with the final one.

Have it inked!

You cannot go on waiting for the right time -- or the perfect design -- because it will never come. Be spontaneous. Go and visit your tattoo artist and have that tattoo inked already. And do not forget to keep your topical anesthesia ready! Stop overthinking that tattoo design and go for what your heart desires. And, to make sure it stays as vibrant and beautiful, don't forget to follow your artist's tattoo aftercare instructions.

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