Debunking 8 Tattoo Myths

Debunking 8 Tattoo Myths

Jul 15, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

Before you had your first tattoo or if you are in the process of getting one, we're very sure you have heard a lot of tattoo myths. Whether it is old tattoos turning blue or you will bleed a lot, let's debunk all those myths one by one, shall we?

Myth #1: The lighter colors hurt more than darker ones.

In general, having a tattoo does hurt no matter what part of your body you're going to have it. The sensation of pain also varies because each of us has a different pain tolerance. Usually, the lighter colors are put on at the last part and that is the time when skin is very tender, so some would consider the lighter colors as the most painful ones. With proper tattoo aftercare, both your dark and light color ink will resist fading.

Myth #2: Tattoos are very expensive.

This isn't true all the time. If you are keen on searching for bargain tattoos, you can actually find them. You'll be surprised to know that your preferred design and rate of tattoo artist may be within your budget. Money is actually not the issue here but how willing are you to get high quality tattoos that is going to last a lifetime. Choosing the right topical anesthetic spray would be of big help to get that great tatt as well!

Myth #3: Only one needle is needed.

A cluster of odd numbered needles are actually used in making tattoos. It usually comes in 3, 5, 7 or more.

Myth #4: Tattooed names are bad luck.

Although relationships may work or fail, having a certain name as your tattoo is a matter of personal choice and never a sign of bad luck. Whatever the outcome of your relationship is, you might be needing a pain relieving cream if it doesn't work out at all. Think about Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Both of them survived a heat break and tattooed names of their previous lovers. A tattoo removal cream may have been their best friend at that time.

Myth #5: It bleeds a lot!

There's actually not much bleeding in tattoos. It is normal that blood comes out when outlines are drawn but by 10 minutes, after shading, or by the time it's done, bleeding would have already stopped. The bandage will also absorb the excess blood and topical anesthetic used during the entire session.

Myth #6: Those who know how to draw can make a tattoo.

Sorry to disappoint you but giving tattoos is a skill. Different artists have different techniques which they have learned over time. They are artists and just like most artists, they become better with time, but their skill doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t experience tattoo pain.

Myth #7: Tattoos are forever!

In the days of yore, that might be true but nowadays, advancement in science and technology can remove tattoos through creams or laser with very minimal or no trace at all, with a little help from topical anesthetic gel or other types of anesthetics.

Myth #8: Tattoos are for tough people only.

Stereotyping was prevalent at the time when tattoo parlors were still unregulated. Numerous sailors got piercings and tattoos with the belief that it can keep evil spirits off, or even bring about good luck. Nowadays, tattoos are obtained mostly because of personal choice; a form of personal expression or art.

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