Looking For A Cheap Tattoo? How To Get The Best Tattoo Deal

Looking For A Cheap Tattoo? How To Get The Best Tattoo Deal

Aug 30, 2016 | Gay Aida Dumaguing

Tattoo by Ryan Methric

Do you agree that tattoos have become a part of us; our identity, and this is the best time in history for us to get one? With every creative outlet that tattoo artists offer, innovation is sure to follow. You can almost say that there is no limit to the designs and types of tattoos that you can choose from. Individual tastes and preferences are big factors in choosing a tattoo but cost also plays a major role. Even if it is very detailed, colorful, and beautiful, it will be a bummer if your pocket will not agree with you. So you really can't blame anyone if they'll ask, "How much do these beauties cost?" To make sure that nothing will get in your way of having the best tattoo you can possibly have, you must understand all the factors that determine the cost and how to grab the best deal.

6 Factors That Affect Tattoo Cost

  1. Size Matters.

    Naturally, smaller ones costs lesser than bigger one. The bigger designs take more time to finish and resources to use, so it's fair if artists would demand more for them. But there's an exception though. Small tattoos with exquisite design may cost more. If it's not the design that's pricey, the location of the tattoo in the body will determine its price. Smaller tatts is also equal to lesser need for pain relieving cream.

  2. A single or kaleidoscope of colors.

    Naturally, a tattoo with a single color is cheaper. Why? Because multicolored ones require more attention to detail, time, anesthetic gel for skin, and resources to finish it.

  3. Simple or complex?

    Since more detailed designs require a lot of effort from the artist, you can almost expect that it would be expensive. The simple designs are easy to make and it doesn't take too much of the artist's effort. If you are keen on having custom designs, prepare your wallet. It'll cost you some serious bucks, and tattoo pain.

  4. Tattoo Placement.

    Some body parts pose a challenge for tattoo artists to draw on, so the place where you want your tattoo would influence how much kachings you would be spending. What areas are considered hard to draw on? It is mostly on body parts that are very sensitive due to presence of a lot of nerve receptors like the neck, feet, hand, and the genital areas. Looks like you would need some topical anesthesia for that.

  5. Location, Location, Location!

    Tattoo parlors located in the the heart of the city are mostly more expensive than those located farther from it. It takes serious bucks to run a tattoo parlor in a lavish city, so artists would normally charge more to pay for rent, salary for staff, taxes, etc. Hey! You can't blame them for keeping their business stay afloat.

  6. Kick Ass Skills.

    The experience and skill of the tattoo artist highly affects the cost of having a tattoo. The more experience and skills they gain, the more expensive they would charge. Most experienced artists charge a per hour rate so a very detailed and customized design would mean more bucks to shed. But having a tattoo done by a skilled artist would also ensure you to own a fabulous masterpiece, and perhaps less need for anesthetic spray.

So, How Can We Grab The Best Deal?

If you already have a design in mind, cost should not be the thing that will keep you from having one. Here are some tips you may follow to grab a good deal.

  1. Search for the best tattoo artist for you.

    Yes, there may be lots of famous artists in your area. All of them have different rates, policies, style, and location. All you need to take note is the quality of their work then the cost of having one if you will avail of their service. Never compromise quality though.

  2. Hey! Want a discount?

    Some budding artists, even experienced ones, offer discounts to showcase their portfolio or gain more experience. Saving bucks doesn't always mean you'll end up with a loser tattoo.

  3. Better flat than not.

    Some things cannot be anticipated. Your design may take longer hours to finish than previously expected, so if you opted for the hourly rate, you'll end up with a more expensive tatt. So it would be handy if you opted for a flat rate.

  4. All At Once!

    If you have already planned and prepared of having more than one tattoo, why not do it all at once? You could ask for a discount or grab a package and you may have a cheaper shot than having them done separately. No need to buy individual numbing cream for each tattoo.

  5. Negotiate

    Nothing beats a face to face conversation. You can visit your preferred tattoo artist before finalizing everything. It will be easier to ask for a discount or affordable package if the convincing will be done in person. That's something that a single tattoo anesthetic cannot do for you!

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