7 Best Name Tattoo Ideas

7 Best Name Tattoo Ideas

Feb 21, 2024 | Bridget Reed

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Name tattoos are a tricky thing to navigate. There are plenty of naysayers (mostly people who regret getting a name tattoo). On the other hand, plenty of people who have had a name tattoo for decades that they love just as much as they did the day they got it. 

If you’re looking for a new approach to name tattoos, these name tattoo ideas give you a little bit of creative freedom 

1. The Best Idea - Don’t Do It Under Many Circumstances

If you’re going to get your kid’s name, a memorial tattoo for a loved one who passed away, or a tattoo for a parent, skip this step. Those relationships are set in stone. Your family will always be your family. If you’re getting a tattoo for a significant other or a best friend, slam on the brakes first. 

About 78% of people polled around the world have at least one tattoo they regret, and in half of those regret cases, the regret was a name tattoo. There are plenty of other ways to get matching tattoos or dedicated tattoos for someone you love without going right for a name tattoo. 

If something goes amiss, you’ll wind up with an expensive regret that will become even more expensive to remedy. 

2. Visual Representations of Names or Nicknames

Text tattoos can be beautiful, but they can sometimes be difficult to incorporate into sleeves or design around. Opting for an image instead of text can make a name tattoo a little more interesting and a lot less on-the-nose. 

This trick won’t work for all names or nicknames, especially if someone has a highly unique name. There are plenty of cases where a name can be represented by an image that would make an awesome tattoo. 

You can get a cat for Katherine, a teddy bear for Theo, a bell for Isabella, an olive for Olivia, or a rabbit for Bunny. Hopefully, you don’t have a friend named Dick. 

3. Try Morse Code or Binary

The overwhelming majority of people you’ll meet in your daily life can’t read Morse Code or binary, which is what will make a name tattoo written in either of these languages a little more mysterious. If the intention of your name tattoo is deeply personal between you and the loved one whose name you’re getting inked, you can keep the bond secure by immortalizing it in code. 

4. White Ink Name Tattoo

White ink name tattoos are perfect for people who are equally hesitant and committed to getting a name tattoo. White ink tattoos are subtle and often fade to near invisibility within several years. 

White ink settles between the layers of the skin, where its pigmentation is often overshadowed by the melanin you naturally produce. White ink tattoos are also easy to cover up if you decide down the road that a name tattoo wasn’t the best choice. 

If your white ink name tattoo fades and you still really want that name tattooed on you, you can touch it up with a darker shade that’s a lot more permanent in its visibility.

5. Handwritten Name Tattoos

A name tattoo is seen as one of the strongest forms of commitment you can make to another person. Take it one step further by getting their name tattooed in their own handwriting. You can use a handwritten note from the person whose name you’re getting tattooed to make a perfect stencil of their name in their own handwriting. 

Handwritten name tattoos are a beautiful way to honor someone who may not be around anymore or to immortalize the contents of a note they left you a long time ago, like a note they may have passed you in high school at the start of your relationship.

6. Hide-a-Name

Subtly incorporating a name into a design with a lot of lines, like a floral piece or a feather, can make a name tattoo a little more special. The name may not be apparent at first glance, which might give people an incentive to spend a little more time looking at your beautiful tattoo. 

Hiding a name can also give a tattoo dual purposes. It’s not just a name tattoo. It’s a work of art that symbolizes or encompasses several important meanings.

7. Blacklight Name Tattoos

Blacklight ink comes in several colors, but there is a nearly invisible blacklight ink that will only show up under a blacklight. Think invisible ink and secret coded messages. 

If you and the person whose name you’re getting tattooed are big fans of magic or mystery, like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes, a blacklight name tattoo is right up your alley. You’ll both know it’s there, but you’ll need to use a special blacklight to read your secret message to each other. 

Are You Ready To Go for It? Don’t Be Nervous

Our subtle name tattoo ideas can make it feel a little less risky to commit to placing a name on your body. If you find an idea that works well for you, you’ll likely have fewer reservations about booking the appointment. Unless, that is, you’re worried that it’s gonna hurt. 

HUSH has your back when it comes to discomfort. Our tattoo numbing spray takes most of the pain out of getting a tattoo. Spritz it on, wait about 45 minutes, and you’re good to go. 

Our numbing spray turns tattoo pain down to a dull roar, making it more comfortable to sit through a session. If you’re going with the person whose name you’re getting tattooed, ask them to pitch in a little moral support. You’ll have everything you need.


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